I wish I stayed home…

Folks, if you so happen to come upon someone with hair growing out of odd places, kindly inform them of this. Especially if it’s a loved one and a guy.

While I was getting ready for work this morning, I just so happened to notice one rather long hair coming out near my earlobe area! Now, as to how in the world I just happened to grow a hair out of there boggles my mind. Judging from the length of it however, it had to be there at least a few days. See, now that explains why that rather attractive cashier at Target looked at me so odd on Sunday. I thought I had a booger coming out of my nose or something nasty like that. My ego is fragile enough as it is… I could do without a state forest growing out of the side of my face. :sigh:

Ever see Better Off Dead?

Remember the booger / food-in-teeth scene where John Cusack’s character Lane ran into Beth for the first time? That’s exactly what was going through my head when I was getting those odd looks from that cashier. Ugh, the embarrassment! :sigh:

Anyhoo, I plucked that rascal and went about my merry business…

You know, finding hair(s) growing out of odd places is just one of the very few displeasing events you run into as you gets older. If I can grow older and stop the hair from invading areas that should not be hairy, I would be soooooooooo happy.

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why can’t us guys find these things ourselves? I have a pesky one that grows on my ear lobe and it sucks.

I might pull Better off Dead from my shelf and watch it.

Whoa, I think Scott’s comment is far more scarier than your original one Dave. All I can say is be glad its on your neck. My b/f has one that jumps put of his FOREHEAD about every other month. But I never notice them myself until he points them out. Why he does that though is beyond me. Maybe it makes him feel better for sharing.

I’m not too proud to admit it–it happens to me too. I have two or three hairs that keep coming back and growing to long lengths. You know those nearly invisible ones? I have one on my left cheek, one on my neck, and one near my eyebrow (I forget which one). They’re so hard to manage because I can’t effin’ see them until they’re a mile long! I think most people are plagued by these pests, you just have to know where to look. 😉

Eewww!! This has to be one of the grossest blog entries I’ve read from you. Running out of topics eh? Geez.. it’s not enough that every individual has to deal with these issues on a day to day basis than to read about them in an entry. I’m looking for some diversion, some distraction you know? Entertain me for you are Joe Pesci saying “What am I a clown?” 🙂 Yeah I know, I’m just rambling on but I figured that your strange entry needed a strange comment in response. 8-p~

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