I feel oh so Smurfy!

Monday Mission v2.35 baby!

What’s the most embarrassing thing that’s ever happened to you on a date?
Eeeek. Hmm, this one was rather hilarious now that I look back on it.

I found out the woman I was dating was actually married and cheating on her spouse with a few other men (as well as me). The kicker was that he was in some connected to a very notable person in the Mafia. Needless to say, I haven’t spoken to her since…

Do you eat your veggies?
Of course, I always have and I always will. Then again, unless it’s crawling off my plate, I’ll eat what’s presented in front of me. If it is crawling off the plate, well then… I’ll just haveta find a way to take care of that. 😀

Most people are comfortable going to the bathroom in front of at least one person. Has anyone ever used the restroom in front of you that you wish wouldn’t have? What happened and how bad was it?
Hmmm, I really dislike someone being in the same bathroom as myself. However, since I have lived with two of my ex’s (as well as Devina), it’s pretty much gonna happen regardless of what I say. I’m ok with is so long as it is only number 1. Once the funky brown stuff gets involved, I am out of there.

Have you ever had a bad online transaction? You know, the item wasn’t what you thought it would be, you got totally ripped-off, no refunds, it just plain sucked? What’s the story there?
Actually, I have never (*knocks on wood*) been defrauded on-line. I think the main reason why is that I always check credentials when dealing with sending out my money on-line. Especially on eBay…

Ever have a current love find any old love letters (or similar item) you kept that probably should have been thrown away? How did that turn out?
I believe that all mementos of past loves should be kept for at least sentimental reasons. I still have a lot of items from all of my ex’s neatly packed away in boxes. Should they ever surface in front of a newer girlfriend’s eyes, they usually just let it go or have me describe some of the items and what they mean to me. Thankfully no one has freaked out about it because I would have put them in their place and that’s never a pretty sight. I could never understand the need for someone to get upset because you kept old love letters… That’s just plain immature and ridiculous in my eyes.

A secretary at work was telling me about a trip she took to Mardi Gras. She showed off her beaded necklaces and proudly said she “earned’ each and every one of them (for those not familiar with this tradition, ladies walking up Bourbon St. in New Orleans will flash people who are upon the balconies, in return the guys will throw them worthless plastic necklaces). I was shocked, I had no idea this quiet gal had a wild side. Was there ever a time when you did something totally outrageous because you knew no one would know who you were, or maybe didn’t care even if they did?
Hehe… We’ll just put it this way. Amongst my close friends, I am known for my public adventures. 🙂

Hey, what happened to you last night? I waited forever!
I swear I called ya and left a message on your voice mail!

BONUS: I know I could break you down, but what good would it do?
I could surely never know that what you say is true
Here I am in silence it’s a game I have to play
You and I in silence with nothing else to say…

Information Society – What’s on Your Mind (Pure Energy)


I have blue paint all over my feet!

Yes, this fine Labor Day was spent repainting Devina’s bedroom. We spent most of Sunday shopping around for supplies and today we (well, mostly me) painted her lifeless beige room to a lovely pastel blue. She helped me with one wall and then she called it quits… Hehe, well, I was glad she tried to paint on her own, but I think it’s something she is not very well suited for. When all was said and done, it came out pretty well. The only exception was since I painted barefoot, I have blue paint all over my Smurfy feet.

Eh well, looks like I am taking a very very long shower tonight. 🙂