Lost souls <> Macy’s White Sale

Close to a couple of centuries ago, someone came up with an idea to commemorate the poor souls lost in the Civil War. On May 5th, 1866 the very first instance of Memorial Day was observed by flying flags at half mast and decorating the graves of those lost with flowers and of course a ceremony.

A few years later it was then celebrated on May 30th in Waterloo, New York.

In 1968, Congress made it the last Monday in May to ensure a three day weekend.

Nowadays, corporations milk the weekend dry with throwing sales upon sales and making more money for themselves.

Sadly, when it comes to Memorial Day, most people think about is how much cheaper they can buy their DVD player if they go shopping at the Wiz during their monster sale. Even sadder, more people hit the beach to get started on their fabulous new tan for the summer. Fortunately, veterans’ associations do not let the true meaning of the holiday go to waste by having ceremonies and parades commemorating those lost in war.

Why is Dave blabbing about such things??

Well, this morning I was listening to a radio station on my way to work and the topic of what to do on September 11th came up. A great deal of people want a national holiday created to commemorate the events of September 11th… Many failed to realize that Bush already designated September 11th as Patriot’s Day. It’s not however, a day off. Rather, it’s a day where we honor those lost in our own way. Flags will fly at half-mast and a moment of silence will be observed.

However, this is not the reason I write this.

Personally, I do not want a national holiday for that horrific day. It isn’t because I do not care about what happened… Hell I do not want a holiday for the exact opposite reason. I will be damned if a national holiday is created where 10, 20, 30, 200 years from now someone will use the tragedy of that day to make some money for themselves. Do you really think all of the poor souls lost during the Civil War would be happy that I can get a DVD-ROM for 30 bucks less than regular price at Best Buy on a holiday created to commemorate their tragic loss?

Fuck no! I do not see any good about creating a national holiday other than the fact that some blood-sucking corporations will find a way to make some money from it in the future.

Here’s an even smarter idea a caller listening to that radio station came up with…

What about giving something back to the community? How about using that day to head on over to the nearest fire/emt/police station and saying thanks for what they did and continue to do so bravely. Give them a check, make them some food or offer an ear to listen and a shoulder to cry on. How’s about donating some clothes or food to the nearest homeless facility? There’s a ton of people out there who lost their jobs/homes because of what happened. I am sure they can very well use your old jackets and a bite to eat on that day (or any other day for that matter). How’s about donating some blood? Apparently, the national blood supply is in dire need of donators. Even something as notable as telling those around you that you love them. A great deal of those lost in Pennsylvania, Washington DC and New York couldn’t even do that on that fateful day!

If you’re in the office, give a call and donate some money or start a food/clothing drive for the local charities… If you decide to use some personal or vacation time that day, there’s a whole mess of stuff you can do to honor those lost by providing some sort of service to the community. I can see why creating a national holiday is good, but given our track record for capitalizing on every single holiday, do you really want it to be boiled down to a “White Sale” in the future?

I for sure don’t…

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You hit the nail on the head Dave! I know there’s going to be some big sale somewhere to supposedly “honor” this day. I honestly don’t want to honor it. I can still remember where I was standing when I heard the news and how extremely frightened I was. I certainly was not thinking about going down to the local WalMart to buy some sheets and a DVD player. Anyways, just wanted to say thank for vocalizing what so many other people feel. You keep it real, and that’s all that matters.

A rant worthy of Dennis Miller…but thats my opinion, I could be wrong. ;P

True that, Dave. Preach on. I like the idea of making 9/11 a Good Samaritan day and a day of showing appreciation rather than heading on down to Macy’s to get those hot new boots that would be on sale. Exploiting a national tragedy and using the day it occured on as a day to make profit is horrendus.

Amen brother.

Us Brits celebrate a terrorist act every November 5th when sometime in the past (ahem look it up on Google if you’re really interested) Guy Fawkes tried to kill the King (google search should also bring up this – I suck).

Maybe you should burn an effigy of Bin Laden on a bonfire.

Speaking of odd things to celebrate isn’t Halloween a bit weird too.

I’m with you 100% Dave, I think that if we’re going to honor the Sepetember 11th tragedy, we need to not commericialize it…..I think donating time or money is a fabulous idea. You never know when something horrible is going to strike again, and donations could really help us be prepared if there is a next time, God Forbid.

I’m with you man, you said it all. 😉


Well said my boy. My dad is a veteran and I have to tell you Memorial day and Veteran’s Day piss me off. It is never about the people and always about what you can buy.

I totally agree with you.

Actually Dave, they don’t need 10,20,200 years before they exploit another day or remembrance. The name escapes me at the moment, but about two months ago, the company that lost the most employees made television commercials with surviving employees and family members advocating the company and the company’s president’s by commending his efforts to help those families. I never saw those commercials air. I did see a couple online and on CNN.

Geez, we’re a great people aren’t we?

Bravo! Bravo!

Charity starts at home. Maybe if society as a whole didn’t deterioarte the family unit to the point where it is now, then maybe the fact that no one is very neighborly to their neighbors anymore would never have occurred in the first place.

There are people who agreed with you about making Sept 11 about giving back to your community. The non-profit agency I work for is making that week Civic Pride Week. The idea is that sometime that week it would be nice if you donated your time or talent to someone or somewhere that really needs it. It’s a great idea, but I fear it won’t go over so well.

Scott, it’s only a meme if more than one person is doing it. ;p

Dave, thanks for writing this. You have a really good grasp on ways to memorialize September 11. I agree. Do something to make the world a better place on that day.

::stands up and cheers:: Great piece, Dave. Kim’s been doing a Friday Philanthropy meme and this is the sort of thing she’s been talking about.

Thanks for writing what I’ve been feeling — and doubly so for the White Sale bit.

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