Taking one for the team

Monday Mission v2.32 baby!

If I could guarantee that the Fashion Police would not lay the smack down on you, which favorite out-of-style article of clothing do you wish you could wear right now? (and if you have photos of you wearing it, post ’em)
Hmmm. I’d say Z Cavarichis. Sure they looked god awful, but man were they comfortable.

In your opinion, who is famous but shouldn’t be?
Any of these moronic and talentless pop/rap/rock singers that pretty much only perform because they look good for the camera.

Are there any new movies or TV shows that you are forward to this fall?
Hmmm, I haven’t been to any movies lately to know what’s coming out, but I am really psyched for the next version of Matrix and the new Star Trek movie due out this Fall.

If you had a time machine that you could use only one time (there and back), where would you go and what would you do?
I’d go back to just about the time I was going into college and warn myself about what would happen in my future so that I could change it. Granted I like my life now, I would definitely change a great deal of things back at that time or knock some sense into my head about what my future holds.

What cologne of perfume do you like to wear? Which brand do you prefer that your partner wear?
I rarely wear cologne, but when I do, it’s Romance by Ralph Lauren. Steph bought it for me once and I liked the way it smelled, so I have stuck with it. As for my significant others, I loved this one Steph wore (l’eau d’issey by Issy Myaki), but it only smells good on Asian girls for some odd reason. Otherwise, I prefer that my significant others not wear any sort of make-up or perfume at all. I don’t know why, but make-up is such a turn-off to me.

Do you recall your first “French kiss?” Tell me about how that felt, and how it came about. Do you like them?
Yes, I vividly recall my very first french kiss. It happened after I lost my virginity actually which is really odd if you really think about it. I was going down to the gym with my g/f at the time (not the person I lost my virginity to however) and right before we went through some big double doors, I spun her around and just kissed her. To me it felt just like in the movies… If you saw “The Wedding Singer” and remember the googly-eyed look Drew had after the kiss between herself and Adam Sandler (the church tongue scene), that was me after the kiss. 🙂

Do I like them? Who doesn’t like a good slow passionate kiss?

Excluding your partner…If you had the opportunity, who would you most like to French kiss?
Hmmm, this is a tough one because there’s a whole slew of people I’d love to kiss. 😆 Alyssa Milano (:rowr:) would definitely be up there. Before that hideous new haircut she has been sporting in those 1-800-COLLECT commercials. What the damn hell was her stylist thinking?!?!

BONUS: Can’t you see that it’s late at night?
I’m very tired, and I’m not feeling right
All I wish is to be alone;
Stay away, don’t you invade my home
Best off if you hang outside,
Don’t come in – I’ll only run and hide

Who can it be now?
Who can it be now?
Who can it be now?
Who can it be now?

Again, another key 80’s hit. Men at Work – Who Can it Be Now. 🙂


This weekend, Devina and I were listening to the radio when a gentleman called up the radio station we usually listen to and said he had to “take one for the team” the night before to help a buddy out. Confused, she looked at me and asked what he meant and I was surprised she has never heard this expression. As I usually do, I told her what it meant for a guy to take one for the team, to help out a fellow friend get some. See, sometimes women love hanging out with friends that are less attractive than they are to attract more attention to themselves. Now, now, I am not saying all women do this, but I am sure quite a few out there know exactly what I am talking about. Who knows why it happens, but it does and Devina completely agreed with that statement.

Now let’s say I’m hanging out with a bunch of guys and I am interested in the more attractive person for the evening. Now, she probably does not want to hook up with me because she doesn’t want to leave her friends high and dry. So, I’ll ask one of my friends to “take one for the team” and hook up with one of the less attractive people, so that all the important parties (the hottie, myself and the friend) are satisfied. Granted the one who had to take it for the team isn’t ever terribly happy about it, he does his part to help out a friend in need and he does have a major favor coming his way. Who know, I will probably have to do the same for him the next time we’re out and I will have to, no questions asked…

Shocked, Devina looked at me and asked if this ever happened to me and I told her it hasn’t. Luckily, I have never been placed into that position and from the stories I hear other friends, I am so glad I haven’t. I then told her that it’s the same exact thing as being forced to hang out with a guy she did not find attractive because her friend was with his better looking friend. She finally understood where I was coming from, but was still skeeved out that we actually have sex with them. That’s where I told her the expression “take one for the team” is most applicable, she laughed pretty hard and we left it at that. Hehe, gotta love our road trip conversations eh? 😆


For you Bowie fans out there, if you would like his Greatest Hits 2 CD set at a great price, follow this link. I wound up snagging it for 8 bucks shipped via PayPal no less! 🙂

“Let’s Dance…”


If you want to kill yourself, don’t take the coward’s way out and shoot yourself or sit in a car with the engine running in a garage. Why not jump into a pit of crocodiles? Now, that’s a kick ass way to go if I may say so myself.

Apparently she was in a lousy marriage, so she decided to be eaten alive than live another day with the hubby. Daaaamn, I guess them divorce lawyers over there are real expensive. :-/

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It’s a shame to hear about the woman who dove into a pit of crocs. You know in some countries, divorce is looked down upon. I bet that was the case there. Also, she probably didn’t think she could make it on her own without a husband.

My friends and I use the expression “Take one for the team” a lot, but we don’t always mean it in that way.

Usually it’s when there is something that needs to get done that no one wants to do…..we’ll hem and haw, and finally someone will be like, “Fine, I’ll take one for the team.” LOL, I’m not quite sure why, but that’s usually how it happens.

Damn kids and their slang. 😉

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