Friday Five, the auto edition

Friday Five baby!

Do you have a car? If so, what kind of car is it?
At the moment I do not have a car because I’m waiting until the middle of September to get my new car. However, I made my choice and it’s going to be a black or dark navy 2002 Toyota Camry SE V6. After test driving all of the cars I was interested in, I am getting the best bang for the buck with the Camry. However, the new Altima is REAL sweet if I say so myself. I just can’t justify paying an extra 3K for the 3.5 V6 version of it, so I am sticking with the Toyota.

Do you drive very often?
Oh hell yeah!

I love nothing more than driving around, especially when it’s to somewhere I have never been before. I used to love taking road trips when I was in school and laid-off. Hell, I’ve driven to Orlando from Central Jersey to visit my friend Tasha 4 times already!!! Now ya gotta love driving to be able to do that eh??

What’s your dream car?
It’s a tough one. Either a 1997-1998 Black or Yellow Toyota Supra or a new BMW M5. Both incredible speed demons… :homer drool:

Have you ever received a ticket?
Yes, unfortunately I have received two speeding tickets. One in Virginia after an undercover caught me doing 76 in a 65 (though I had slowed down from 110 when I realized what he was). The other was driving to work on the Palisades Parkway. I think it was a 74 in a 50 zone which is ridiculous because everyone does at least 75 there. The cop told me he had a quota to fill and I was the unlucky SOB that he just happened to pulled over. :sigh:

Have you ever been in an accident?
Unfortunately yes, which is the reason I do not have a car now.


Le sigh…

Expect this site to be down tonight into tomorrow or possibly Sunday. My boss just told me she wants this server out of the server room here at work. So, I am bringing her back to my old place to hook it up to the old DSL line. It isn’t so bad though because it’s twice as fast the internet connection we have here at work. So if anything, just expect a much faster load up time. 😀 TTFN!

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