Down but not done…

This site will be down on and off today because of upgrades. 🙂

I am upgrading SQL7 to 2000 and applying the relevant patches. Actually, Sql2k is already running so it’s just a matter of applying the security / update patches.

I’m also popping on the newest Windows 2000 service pack to make sure things run super smooth from now on.

So, if you happen to get the dreaded 400 error, the machine is doing one of the many restarts it’s going to have to go though until all of the upgrades are done… 🙂

3 replies on “Down but not done…”

hehehe, I’m always so impressed Dave, everytime I pop over you’re doing something else! LOL.

I wish I knew enough to do upgrades myself, but alas. =*(

How have you been??

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