Monday Mission time!

Monday Mission v2.31 baby!

Ever considered just deleting your Blog and not doing it anymore? What prompted that and what stopped you?
No, I can not say that I have. The blog has been down twice, but because of mechanical problems which forced it to take a vacation. I would really see no reason for me to delete my blog simply because it’s my own journal. Essentially, this is for me to look at 20, 30, 50 years from now to see what my life was like at this point in my life. If I deleted it, I would only wind up hurting myself in the long run.

How about a quick review of the last movie you saw?
Ummm, I really hate going to the movies now. Though, the last movie I do recall seeing is Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back. I know I have seen a few movies since then, but I just can’t come up with a name. My guess is that they just sucked. However, I found Jay and Silent Bob Strike back rather amusing.

What’s your favorite gadget? Are you lusting for any new ones? Will you ever be satisfied???
Hehe, for now, I would have to say it’s my Palm m130. I am really considering getting an m515 but I don’t know about spending more than 300 bucks for a Palm. Will I ever be satisfied? No way… I’m a budding tech junkie and will probably die one.

Saturday night I played “UNO” for the first time in years, I mean it has been over 10 years since I played it. It was great fun, but it really made me want to learn how to play Backgammon again. What “table game” do you enjoy playing most with other people? Have you played it lately?
UNO freaggin’ rocks! I used to play that all the time when I loved with my friend Dann in New Brunswick a few years back. However, I find Monopoly to be my favorite board game of all time. The last time I played it was on my Palm a few days ago while waiting for Devina to get back from karate.

About a year ago I was obsessed with loosing weight, and I dropped pretty low before I got a handle on things (I’ve actually gained about 8 pounds of it back, and it is still a struggle sometimes to not try to loose it). Thankfully, I like fattening sweets and buttery popcorn too much to live like that for too long. Have you ever been obsessed with something so much that it was close to causing you physical or mental harm? If not, have you known anyone else who has?
Candy. I will devour any sorts of candy that is placed in front of me. It hasn’t really affected my weight or anything because I burn off that sugar real quick. However, I can see that being an issue when I get older so I am trying to cut back now.

Did you grow up in a family or community that displayed racist or prejudice attitudes? Did it influence you in any way, either toward or away from those views? How did you manage to avoid it, or did you?
Well, I wouldn’t call it racism, but I would coined up a term “nationalism” to describe it. You see, Latinos are quite proud of their countries where they came from. Thus, there’s a sort of idiotic tension between people from different countries and god help you if you get their home country wrong. 😆 I (Honduran in ethnicity) grew up in a Cuban community, but had friends from other countries like Argentina, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, other Central American countries, etc. Every single one of them had some sort of derogatory comment to say about someone from a different country. Like Puerto Ricans are this, Mexicans are that, Dominicans are so and so… This one is better, that one is better, yadda, yadda, yadda… Don’t believe me? Ask your Hispanic friend to describe a Hispanic person from a different country. You’ll see what I mean. :sigh:

Having so many friends from differing Latino cultures growing up, I got to see how similar everyone really is. Thus, that way of thinking never influenced me much. However, I still run into that same mode of thought from people not born in this country. Most of the American born Latinos I know have a much more open-mindedness about these matters, so it’s not really an issue there.

Good grief, I am starving! You got anything to eat around here?
Nope, you got me hungry too! I think I’m a going to have a nice chicken and broccoli at lunch time. 🙂

BONUS: What did you tell them?
I ain’t no rat boss, I didn’t tell them nuffim’… 😉