Friday Five, your heritage

Friday Five baby!

What is your lineage? Where are your ancestors from?
From as far back as I can imagine, the family line is purely Honduran. However, being Honduran also means there’s some Indian (and most likely Spaniard, but that goes for all Latinos) in you as well. I’m not sure if it’s Incan, Mayan or Aztec, but some of them good genes are in me.

Of those countries, which would you most like to visit?
I have been to Honduras twice. The first time I dug it, the second time was rather bad for me. Never again I said.

Which would you least like to visit? Why?
Same place

Do you do anything during the year to celebrate or recognize your heritage?
An interesting thing about anyone from Central America is that the general heritage is almost the same. However, it’s quite different from let’s say an Argentinean, Puerto Rican, Cuban or Spaniard way of life. My guess is because it’s from the closer ties to the Indian culture in each of us (some parts of Honduras still look like Indian villages). The attitudes and background cultures lean more towards nature, the Earth and similar themes. The general demeanor of the people is not as boisterous as let’s say other Latino cultures, we’re a lot more subdued. It’s not to put anyone down of course, but you can definitely see many differences in ways of life between all the different types of Latinos out there.

As for recognizing the heritage, there is not any type of celebration of sorts. I mean we have art from my parent’s home country all over the place and of course there’s the food. Anytime Honduras is in some sort of soccer match (they usually lose :sniff:), we’re glued to the TV. My mom will blast music based on that region of the world on the weekends… Otherwise, there is no real celebration of any sorts.

Who were the first ancestors to move to your present country (parents, grandparents, etc)?
I have no clue, I would imagine some time back the Spaniards did a good number to the Indians native to the region of what is now known as Central America. Ya know, that whole command and conquer thing you Europeans loved to do back in the day… 🙂

However, my parents were the first to hit the US and their offspring (me and the bro and sis) are the first generation born in this country.


Yesterday I went to dinner with some friends of a friend after work to this local Mexican restaurant they knew about. I was very impressed actually because it wasn’t one of those generic American-Mexican restaurants you see littered on a highway or sitting outside a mall (Chilli’s, Taco Bell and the like). This was a place run by Mexicans, with good ol’ style Mariachi music playing in the background and all Spanish speaking.

It was pretty cool because it was myself and about 9 other women (why don’t things like this happen when I am single). I only knew my friend, so most of my conversation was with her. I’m horrifically very shy, so I kept out of a lot of the conversation. They also did not seem very interested in getting to know me either.

I wasn’t insulted however, I kept on chatting with my friend.

Anyway, I guess the waiter just assumed I knew Spanish because he came up to me and asked me what everyone would like (they were all as white as white girls could get). They then all turned around in amazement as I was chatting with the guy about the place in Spanish. Then I asked everyone what they wanted and ordered for them and subsequently I got this very specific look from almost all of the girls at the table. I know this look because every time I am around someone of the opposite sex (usually White) and I need to talk in Spanish, I get that same exact glance. It’s not a lustful thing, but it is sort of a smitten naughty look you see in magazines and such but it always makes me laugh to be honest. Anyway, after I gave the order, the waiter must have saw the same thing and he gave me an acknowledging wink and told me “Have fun.”

So, after I placed the order, I started chatting with my friend when all of a sudden I became the topic of conversation…

“Oh Dave, you’re Spanish…”
“Will you teach me how to say…”
“You should speak it more…”
“Is it true that Spanish guys…”
“I dated a Spanish guy once…”
“I only date Latino men…”

Yadda, yadda, yadda.

I must admit, I am not a stereotypically looking Latino, so I usually surprise people when I start speaking in my broken Spanish. Apparently, they thought I was some white guy, possibly Italian (which I get a whole lot). Anyway, they were asking all sorts of questions and at times they were very personal or intimate in nature. Hey, I didn’t mind at all! Talk about a huge ego-booster… 😆

After a few Sangrias on their part (I hate the stuff), the discussions were just getting all sorts of devilishly raunchy. Personally, I do not mind discussions like that, but it was truly amazing how my ethnicity just brought about all of these discussions and recollections from these women. I was enjoying every minute of it all and very honestly answered everyone of their questions to which they seemed to appreciate very much. If anything we each learned a great deal more about the dynamics of sex and relationships from that 4 hour dinner. However, it looks like they got more knowledge than I did. 😆

Once dinner was over, we all made plans to have dinner again some other time next month. It’ll be cool if this happens to turn into a monthly thing because they were all quite fun to talk to. It’s always best when you can just be yourself when talking with someone and not worry about over-stepping bounds or anything of the sort. I barely get time to hang out with my close friends like Karen, Al, Adrian or Ada, so even a little hanging out would do me good. Speaking of which I need to have dinner with those guys… I think I owe Karen and Ada one dinner each. Damn Steph too… *ack!*

Anyway, I just checked my e-mail and my friend said they were all raving about me and asking me if I was single. 😆 I guess I made a good impression eh? She set them straight about my relationship status, so it’s all good now. The date for the nest hang-out is set too! 😀

So I have a question for some of the women out there. What specifically is it about Latino men that gets ya all up in a commotion? They (the girls last night) would not answer any of my questions regarding that, so I am left clueless. Why was it that I was ignored for the first 20 minutes only to be hounded shortly thereafter simply by speaking another language. Not that I minded of course, I just found it very interesting. Is it the fact that I can roll my R’s? I doubt it…

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The reason why the idea of Latino perks up the girls is because most Latinos are passionate individuals who know how to move on the dance floor and in between the sheets.. well at least that is what the stereotype says. Anyway, I think a Latino guy can express himself better than any stiff White dude. 🙂 Well I know there are some White dudes who can shake their bon bons but in general, they lack passion in my opinion.

well like locura I am biased becaus I also am latina. but I think its because they are debonaire, some can be very dapper, romantic, and sometimes the bad guy. and every grrl loves a bad guy. they pay attention to their looks I think more than any other type of guy. and there is a mystery to a latino. and spanish has got to be one of the sexiest languages out there. at least that is what does it for me..hehe.

I luv latino men but I’m latina so I’m naturally biased. You know I get the same thing too. Especially where I work now. I am maybe one of three latinos and I am the only one in my department that works in our office. They are impressed that I can roll my r’s! I think its the whole foreign thing. Even though I barely speak Spanish its better than none and since none of them speak any they think I’m an expert. Not just in the language but the whole culture. Lots of them are from the mid-west too, so just SEEING a latina everyday is like culture shock. A thing I’ve noticed about myself too since I started working there is that I naturally make references to my heritage often. I never noticed till they pointed it out. With me they are also super-impressed/surprised that I’m more computer literate than the IT departent (sad since I am an amatuer) and I’m definitely more savvy than my co-workers: heres an example, I showed one of them how to make a new folder and cut and paste files, and another how to change the wallpaper. SAD SAD SAD I KNOW. In TX this is a feat indeed. WOW! A latina who speaks english AND has a degree AND owns three computers. WOW! Geez I hate stereotypes.

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