Macs vs. Windows, idiots all around

Parts of my body that I didn’t even know existed ache.

Yup, yup, along with my other sonly duties, I wound up taking yesterday off from work and helped my parents finishing off their move. I’ve been going up since Sunday to help them bring stuff to the new place but yesterday was the final day they had to grab all their stuff. Fortunately, Tuesday was the day of the really heavy items (like a 500 pound dining room table) and we had the help of my sis’s boyfriend to painfully move stuff up 3 flights of stairs.

Yesterday, I decided to take off of work and get an early start of the large amount of light items to leave a few of the heavier stuff for me, my bro and dad to bring up. We did not wind up finishing until midnight and I have no clue how I got home. I was dead the entire ride down to Devina’s and as soon as I got in, I just hopped in the shower to wash off the funk and plopped my ass down to bed. I woke up and decided to come in late to rest some more and here I am in total pain. :sigh:

The new place is coming along nicely however the trickiest parts in all was moving the pets. We removed some of the water from the aquarium and very carefully moved that. Then at the end, we had to get our cat Tony to the new place. Now, Tony HATES going out. He avoids the cat carrier like you wouldn’t believe. We literally have to lay the carrier on the bottom and drop him in to get him inside that thing. Then the poor thing whines and meows the entire trip until he gets back home.

My biggest concern was that he would go AWOL and try to make it back to the old place. For the first hour, all he did was eye the door and every time it opened and make a run for it. Luckily, in his old age he’s not as quick as he used to be, so we can shut it before he gets there. When we finally brought over his bed and litter box, he seemed to settle into the new place more. I figure it will take him about a week or so to fully acclimate to the new place, but it’s going nicely. Yesterday night, I was told he slept inside his littler box and wouldn’t leave for anything (not even for food)! Today, I found out he’s chilling in my parent’s room hogging up their bed.

As for the fridge, we actually wound up settling on a fridge that was about 600 bucks and rated very nicely in Consumer Reports. :yay: Thanks to those of ya who directed me to Lowes because that’s where we got it from. It was delivered and waiting to be used this afternoon from what I am told. 🙂


Has anyone seen these Apple commercials with the people griping about Windows machines?

Now, now, I am not a Mac-basher.

Hell, the first machines I toyed with were Apples and I never touched a Windows machine until I got to college! I like Macs, they’re cool looking and you can do amazing things with them, especially on the multimedia side of things. However, I also enjoy working with Windows and I enjoy working with Linux, each operating system has their own advantages as well as a great deal of disadvantages. But when they play these commercials it’s like the pick out the dumbest Windows users to speak… I don’t know… I just do not understand how so many people have problems… If you’re at work and your machine always crashes, don’t blame the computer, blame the moronic IT staff in your organization. Chances are they’re in their office IM’ing, surfing for porn or playing the newest game there is out there (hell, I used to do it at my old job at Rutgers :grin:). If you’re at home and it crashes, stop downloading so much useless bug-ridden crap or installing cheap ass crappy hardware. If you do the same on a Mac, guess what? It’ll consistently crap out on you too…

Then we’ll haveta get a bunch of dumb Windows and Mac users to switch over to Linux. 😆

I just don’t get it.

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I love your little rants, dearest <3 Try not to get too red in the face, otherwise I’ll think you’re watching the farting scene in Blazing Saddles 😉

I was considering getting a Mac for college. Then I got this hot ass Dell. Yep, I ordered it on Sunday and it came today. Damn, Dave! This thing is awesome! I love it so much! Finally I have a computer that doesn’t suck! I need some help with it though. I tried burning a cd of some of the warez you have on your site. I burned them onto a CD-R music cd. Whenever I put the cd in the D drive the computer like has a heart attack and crashes. What am I doing wrong? Should I have burned the data on a data cd instead of a music cd? Come online 🙂

I’m glad you bought the fridge from Lowe’s. Also, I can’t stand crappy hardware either. SIS chipsets to me is the same as scratching your nails on a chalkboard.

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