Two for Tuesday, the comedic edition

It’s Two for Tuesday time baby!

Describe one thing that is guaranteed to make you laugh – every time you see, hear or do it?
Hmmm, fart or bathroom jokes. I do not know what it is about that type of humor, but if it is present, my ass is on the floor rolling around in laughter just about ready to pee myself. Case in point, that scene in Blazing Saddles where the bad guys are eating the beans around the camp fire. Every single time I watch that part in that movie, (had to have been 30-40 times already) I am on the floor red-faced and out of breath from laughter.

Give us an audio/visual description of your laugh – not that fake one you use around your boss and people who aren’t actually funny, but your real laugh.
Well, depending on how funny something is, I get quieter and quieter. From what I have been told, I get all red-faced, and my body starts going through these funky convulsions. If it’s one of those uncontrollable laughter, I’ll start wheezing pretty bad and I will clinch my stomach because it hurts so much. Either way, I have known many people who just told funny jokes for the sole purpose of seeing my laughing fits.


A bunch of my friends took off of work today to go see Springsteen at Asbury Park this morning. I would have joined them had it been someone else, but I just do not see why people love him so much. Especially coming from a state that just oozes Springsteen fanatics (though I’d imagine that is to be expected since this is his home state), a great deal of people are always in amazement when I say I don’t care much for his music. Granted, I will never knock his influence on the rock world, I just am not a fan of his work. I only liked that song that had Courtney Cox in it coming up on stage during his concert, but there’s nothing else that attracts me to his tunes. Either way, they are HUGE fans of the music, so I wish them well on this scorching day at the concert.

Here’s a few interesting tidbits I heard on Stern during my drive to work this morning.

1. It is physically impossible to lick your own elbow
I think this is actually possible. I definitely can not do it, but I can see someone pulling this off. Pictures anyone?

2. There is no other word in the English language that rhymes with MONTH
You don’t know how I racked my brain trying to come up with something.

3. Women blink twice as much as men
Hmmm, I wonder why

Apparently, David Duchovny (of X-Files fame) is in Full Frontal which is coming out later this week. He was talking about a scene in it where he needs to use a dildo and the way he was describing it was rather hilarious. The movie itself however, sounds like something I would definitely enjoy. According to him, it’s quite dialogue driven which is a must for me nowadays. I’m getting tired of the flashy action/suspense/comedy/horror movies that have been plaguing the scene lately. Give me a good dialogue driven flick and I’ll be a pretty damn happy camper for the show. I recently got Devina hooked onto the whole older Kevin Smith library. Movies like Clerks, MallRats and Chasing Amy… She loves Clerks and I would have to rate it as my favorite movie of that entire series of flicks (I discount Dogma and Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back just because they are not as good dialogue-wise, but damn funny). Granted Clerks is a wee bit on the crude side at times, I completely love movies where the whole premise is the dialogue between the characters in it.

Can anyone recommend some good flicks that fit that theme? Chances are, I have seen it, but I would love to see what others would recommend.


Oofah! Talk about scary! Hired guns to tackle illegal media downloaders via your download software.

So, if Disney hires a hacker to crack on copyrighted material, would they have to dress up in those awful costumes? I’d hate to think Goofy would catch me downloading the newest Disney movie (not that I ever would). Donald, I wouldn’t have a problem with… Goofy, I would. 😆


Oh Jesus H Christ! I’m a tool, I’m a tool, I’m a tool…

My parents are busy moving to a new place this week and I sooo put my foot in my mouth.

About two weeks ago, they were talking about the appliances they needed to get for the new place and I had mentioned that I would buy them a new refrigerator. The discussion was then dropped and I just forgot about it until today. My mom gave me a ring and asked me if I would have the refrigerator installed by this Saturday…

Now, I completely forgot about getting them the fridge, but I told her that I didn’t know because I haven’t even checked them out yet. I just got back from the local Sears and god damn!!! I figured a fridge would run like 7-8 hundred bucks tops and it wouldn’t be a problem. Those damn things I saw in the store were more than 1500 smackers!!!! They weren’t even terribly energy efficient either! The decent (more energy efficient) ones ran more than 1800!

*faints and drops to the floor*

Leave it to me to stick my foot in my mouth like that before even pricing those monstrosities! Ugh… This totally sucks… 😆 Looks like I am gonna haveta dip into the new car fund…. Perhaps I should price out more in a different store… OOOh, maybe that membership to Consumer Report’s web site will finally pay off.

Are these normal prices for run-of-the-mill fridges or am I just being your stereotypical dumb guy overpaying for an appliance without knowing any better and falling for every dumb feature?

“Ooooh, this thing makes ice and it’s only an extra 300 bucks?!?”
–Yes, that would be me

//repeats to himself rocking back and forth in his work chair

“Shut up and get it, you’ll be a good son…”
“Shut up and get it, you’ll be a good son…”
“Shut up and get it, you’ll be a good son…”
“Shut up and get it, you’ll be a good son…”

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i luv clerks too! 🙂
HA HA, should have kept yer mouth shut.

Earlier today, “Yea Mom I’ll be there soon. What? I said I’d help you pay off your credit card with my new job? When did I say that? BEFORE I had a job? Yea Mom, I’ll help you.” *hang up* “#%#^%$&%”

I should have too. Thats a true story btw.

Ditto to what Denise just told ya. Go to Lowes for the best price and same day delivery. My wife worked for Sears home delivery and……Hell No! If you buy from Sears I will laugh at you. J/K. Also check out Best Buy if there is one in your area. Oh, and try and negotiate for the ice maker upgrade. You never know. Good luck.

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