Two for Tuesday, the senses edition!

It’s Two for Tuesday time baby!

What sound do you love to hear and why?
The sounds Devina makes when I start tickling her. She’s not into being tickled, but I am bigger than her, so I do it either way. I’ll sneak up behind her, grab her in a bear hug and keep her locked in with one arm, commence tickling her the free hand and then she’ll start laughing her butt off. This will go on for roughly 15-20 seconds and just as I am tiring out from her rustling out of the tickle hold I have her in, she’ll whimper out “Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy meeeeeeeeeeeeeee?!” Ahhhh… priceless. 🙂

Is there a smell that you find particularly unpleasant? Why?
New York City streets in the summer. Especially around the Port Authority or Penn Station. Hooah! Now there are some truly funky smells coming out of that area. I would rather smell a dead skunk any day if I don’t haveta smell that trash-laden musk anymore.


I have been playing around with the idea for adding my own comments to comments. I know it sounds weird, but I never liked creating an additional comment if I simply wanted to add a quick note to someone who left me one. So, with the help of the lovely Ada’s flare for catching my horrid design mistakes, I have unveiled a new feature here. If you leave a comment and I would like to add to it, it will simply appear below your comment instead of creating another entry. If you look at yesterday’s entry, you will see what I mean.

Yes, it’s amazing how I can completely occupy my time isn’t it?? 😉

It’s storming something fierce outside, I’m out of here!

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Hey I agree with her. You’re making us all jealous Dave! Why can’t my boyfriend do this to me?

heheh.. okay so I haven’t done this in a REALLY, REALLY, really long time, but I realized, hey it’s been awhile.. and although this isn’t really the guestbook, I figure, it’s still the little counting-down-little-thingy, so I figured, all the same, right? and so, I shall go on with my mission, to use all 2000 characters… so.. I decided to tell you what sparked me into doing this… well.. I was talking to an old friend that asked why I never commented on his blogs.. and I said it was because I was a lazy shank.. in which he replied “this coming from the chick who filled out that dudes guestbook just so you could use up all the characters?” and well, after my first, “how did he…” reaction, I was like DAVE! and then I was like “dude, I haven’t done this in a really long time…” after I kindly explained to him that the gusetbook was no more.. (and will forever be missed) but yeah.. moving along… how all things going and what not? blah, I soo don’t remember being able to write this much all the other times i’ve done this… although I still remember the first time I did this, I SWEAR, I thought it was an email form, not a guestbook thing, or I probably wouldn’t have done it… that’s probably a sign that you should read around things before just rambling in a box and pressing “send”… so um.. yeah… moving along… the other day I messaged this dude, and I thought it was someone else.. and this guy started freaking out on me.. and was lik e”wtf? who are you?” and then I realized.. “oh my bad…” but yeah.. I don’t know why I decided to share that, but yeah… okay I decided to share that beacuse I’m trying to take up space and I still have like 318 characters to go.. so yeah.. that kind blows.. but I’m almost there… a..l..m..o..s..t… there… so yeah… you know what would really suck? if I accidently pressed “clear” although if I did.. i’d probably be like.. “uh no…” and then cry for a bit then leave.. so no one would ever know. but yeah. DAVE YOU ROCK!

Wanna know something cool? I am not ticklish at all. Well, if someone is breathing on my neck that gets a little ticklish, but other than that I am free from the punishment of tickling. NYC is always smelly, but the smell is somewhat more bearable during the winter. Heat magnifies the smell by a zillion.

Hehe.. Erik does that to me all the time but I can always get him back. He’s bigger but got more surface area to be tickled! I have to agree with you that NYC streets in the summer just smell awful. Port Authority is NOTHING compared to Chinatown. Talk about making someone pass out on the spot.. No siree am I going near there in the summer!

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