Friday Five, the travel edition.

Friday Five Baby!

Where were you born?
Jersey City, NJ.

If you still live there, where would you rather move to? If you don’t live there, do you want to move back? Why or why not?
I have never lived in Jersey City actually. I figured if I would move anywhere permanently up north, it would be in Bergen county somewhere. I live close enough to Jersey City as it is now and it’s no big whoop. My ideal place would be to live in somewhere like Alpine, Norwood or Closter, but that takes mucho bucks… 😉

Where in the world do you feel the safest?
Oddly enough I would have to say Central Jersey, especially near the Rutgers area. My guess is that since I have lived so long down there, it feels more home to me than my parent’s place or my home town is. Plus I find the Central Jersey area much more convenient than up here which is real odd considering I only live one mile from NYC now.

Do you feel you are well-traveled?
Oh hell no. I still need to go through my list of places I want to travel to. The only international travelling I have done is going to my parent’s home country of Honduras.

Where is the most interesting place you’ve been?
I would have to say Central America. I went to Honduras the first time with my mother and one day she got bored and we all drove up to Mexico. We only stayed for a quick bite to eat, but it was fun traveling through all of those countries. However, I would never go back to Honduras after what happened to me the last time. I almost got shot by my cousin with a .357 Magnum (subsequently we almost shot my grandfather), I got run over by a truck and I got chased by my uncle’s doberman’s up his orange tree. All within the span of 2 weeks. Now, I ask ya, would you return if that all happened to you?? 😉


Hmmm, is that capital letters I see in this blog now? Yup yup, I am going to reformat all of my old entries to involve proper sentence structure. Reason being is that I have an idear for my new layout (ummm, sometime later in the year, don’t go getting your undies in a bunch) and I do not think it will be too appealing with small case letters everywhere.

My parents started looking for a new place to live yesterday after the current lease for their place ran out. Yesterday night they got a call from an interested person about a place they looked at. So, at the end of the month everyone is moving into this new place in fabulous North Bergen. From what they tell me the new place is roughly twice as large as the place they are in now which is a good thing. My mom is a pack-rat of sorts, so any extra space she has is a good idear. I’m getting them a fridge and possibly a washer-dryer for the new place as a house warming gift. So, later today I am gonna check out fridge prices at Sears. I am used to Kenmore fridges so that’s what I am looking to get ’em… The good part about the new place is that it is really close to my bro’s new school which is a great convenience for them.

A few weeks ago after I got back from work, I noticed my brother was playing chess with a friend of his on-line. I never even knew that he played it, but he told me he picked it up like a few weeks ago at school. So anyway, I think the person he was playing against was a newbie because my brother had the girl checked. I looked at the board and asked him why he hasn’t checkmated his opponent. He looked at me shocked and I pointed out to him that his Knight was one move away from gettin’ some good gravy action. He made the move and won surprising the hell out of his opponent. I asked him how many moves he was playing without noticing that and he said they were playing for 40 minutes back and forth just moving pawns around… 😆 Well, either way I am glad he won and that he picked up such an amazing game. Granted he still has a great deal to learn (hehe, obvious eh??), I’m glad he’s on his way to becoming a super genius (ala Wile E Coyote :grin:). I remember all of the chess gaming I did back in the day and also chilling in the parks in NYC watching the pick-up chess games all day long. Have you ever taken a walk in Washington Park (ummm, I think that’s what it’s called. It’s the one in the village by NYU) and watched the really intense pick-up games there? There was this one homeless guy I always used to love watch playing because he trash-talked like no other person I knew. Plus, he had the skills to back up his stabbing words. I’ve seen him take opponents down in less than 5 minutes. Unfortunately the guy died, but he must have been the best chess player I have seen. He would play anyone… Attorneys, professors, other homeless, tourists, hell even cops and I never once saw him lose!

I am so damn happy that this worthless trash is going to have to face a trial. Sadly though, I really doubt she will face any jail time. Her daddy will prolly settle with some monetary compensation but I hope they pay up the ass in damages to the 16 people she hurt. I could care less that she was crying after leaving the hearing yesterday. If she did the right thing in the first place and stayed to take responsibility for her actions, perhaps she would have been in a better situation now.

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Kim lived in Norwood for several years — nice area, indeed.

Washington Square Park. 🙂 It’s fun watching the chess action — I, too, used to hang out down there from time to time, watching folks play. Lotsa fun.

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