Gotta love a good weekend

Monday Mission v2.28 baby!

Have you ever sold anything through an online auction? What did you sell and did you make very much?
I have sold stuff on eBay but not at the volume at which I buy. I will usually sell off spare computer parts when I find I have no use for them anymore. I will also sell off computer stuff to make room for more computer stuff I buy as well (yeah I know, it makes no sense). I only make some good green when it’s something fairly large and hard to find. Otherwise, it isn’t really worth it at times since my friends will usually give me more money for the item than what I can sell it for on eBay.

Have you ever bought anything through an online auction? How was your experience?
Hmmm, what don’t I sell is more like it. I am a recovering eBay addict actually. There was a point in time a couple of years back when I got items coming in on a daily basis from the actions I won on eBay. Of course the money dwindled quickly, so that put a nice end to my eBay days. nowadays, I only use eBay when I am hunting for computer stuff and do not want to pay the prices at the retail computer stores. The experiences have always been very pleasant when purchasing items and I have not had one thing break or fail.

Do you like the sun? Getting a suntan? Have you ever had a bad sunburn?
Personally I despise the hot weather, so I avoid getting tans. However, having some of the good latino blood in me, I have no problems obtaining that lovely George Hamilton look in no time. It seems to make the white women near me quite jealous when my skin turns brown before their eyes. I never understood what the big deal was with getting a tan anyway. I mean, why beg for skin cancer just to appease some selfishly insatiable desire to make yourself look good for others? Is your health really that much more important than looking good? Not to me it isn’t.

Are you a vegetarian? Why? If not, have you ever considered it?
While I respect the vegan , I certainly do not want to live such a life. Granted I do not eat nearly as much meat as I used to when I was a wee lad, sometimes I need a thick slab o’ steak with a good cabernet or some wingers and a nice frosty sam adams. 🙂

Suppose you are getting into your car after you’ve just made your purchase from a store you visit twice a week. You suddenly realize you had a .35 item in your hand and you forgot to pay for it. What would you do next? (what *would* you do, not what *should* you do)
I used to be a retail cashier and never made a monetary mistake in giving out change to people. I have also never let anything slip by me, even if it is was very busy (as a matter of fact I caught many shoplifters). Now, if some person is not competent enough to handle being a cashier, then it’s not my concern if I get too much change or walk away with something they never scanned. They’re the idiots that let it happen, so why should I pay for their mistake?

Sometimes it seems that there is just not enough time to do everything that must be done. was there anything you wanted to accomplish this weekend that didn’t get done?
Nope, I did everything that was planned for me to do. Sleep, set up a Linux box ( for Devina’s new place as a cable modem firewall/router, sleep, and oh yeah… Get more sleep. 🙂

What is your favorite game to play with a group and/or an individual? (board game, computer game, athletic, etc.)
In a group, nothing beats Twister or Uno if everyone is inebriated. With the sweetie, usually a good game of tennis, pool, or hitting some golf balls will do. Solo, I’m a computer gamer at heart. Wolfenstein is still the game of choice for me now. 🙂

BONUS: One headline why believe it?
Why not?


Ahhhh, what a relaxing weekend. You know, I think I was only awake for a total of 12 hours from this friday till this morning. 😆 Either way, this past weekend was a weekend of total rest for me and Devina. Granted, she didn’t sleep nearly as much as I did, it was some good fun. I installed a cable modem at her place, since I will most likely be shacking with her for a some time when I finally get my new car. Since I will be there a great deal, I need fast net access to do lots of downloading…. Errr, work that’s it. Yeah, lots of work! 🙂

You know, I can’t freagin’ believe how fast cable modems are, especially when you attach them to a Linux box to act as a router. I didn’t want to spend 80 bucks on a router/firewall device for her place, so I grabbed the old machine that served as and popped it in her place. I re-installed Redhat to version 7.2 (7.3 is way too problematic and buggy) and donned the domain name to it. Hehe… Gotta love my choice of domain names eh? – this place – Devina’s place – unused

I have certainly got a one track mind when it comes to domains eh?? 😆

Anywho, after it was all installed, I was taken back by my normal speed of 3mb/sec download speeds (umm, to the lay folk, that’s twice the speed of a T1 line or roughly 100x faster than 56k). After chatting with my Linux guru bud Adrian, I found I could ramp that speed up to past T3 speeds! So after some very nice network card tweaks, I run in between 4.6 and 5.2 mb/sec in download speeds. I downloaded a 100mb test file in seconds as opposed to minutes. Cripeys!!! That’s more than a T3?!?! Say it ain’t so Plucky, say it ain’t so!!! Can’t you just feel my geeky cells drooling with delight? Imagine Homer Simpson looking at donuts… Yeah, that was me Saturday.

Unfortunately, the only problem with Optimum On-line is that you’re technically not allowed to run any types of servers on it. They block the normal web, ftp and mail server ports to incoming connections, so even if I had a web server, you couldn’t reach it. I suppose it’s for the better because if that wasn’t the case, everyone and their mother would be running their own web servers left and right and clogging up their bandwidth faster than a Philly cheese steak clogs up your arteries.

However, there are ways around this all and I am running an ftp, mail and web server, but it will only be kept private since I already have a capable server elsewhere. 🙂

I’m gonna haveta start writing about some of the idiot neighbors around Devina at her new place. There’s the lady downstairs who plays this one cd over and over and over again that owns an old, beat up BMW 525. The funny part about that is that once a day the lady across the hall, one-cd-lady and her hubby are working on that piece of shit. They did the most wonderful ghetto job of patching up a dent in the driver side headlight area that just looks absolutely horrid. Do you remember what Rocky’s face looked like at the end of Rocky I? Well, that’s what her car looks like when it’s facing you. It looks like it’s grimacing in pain with that piss poor body work done on it. However, they parade around like it’s a Z8 or something and it makes us laugh like school kids. I know it’s a BMW, but I grew up in the 80’s where owning a BMW was a statement that you were very well to do. Call me a prick, but I do not see why someone would own a Mercedes or BMW if you paid less than 50k for it. You want to impress me? Drive around in an M3, M5 or at least a god damn 5-series. If I am buying a BMW that costs as much as an Acura, then why act like you own the world? I see all these BMW 3-series and Mercedes C-class drivers around me all smug as hell and all I do is giggle my ass off. Believe me, you’re not impressing anyone with your car folks.

Get this though!

Devina’s parking space neighbor hit her car while it was parked!! Can you believe that? It turns out it was crusade guy. Who is crusade guy? Well, when she first moved into her place, this Haitian guy comes up to her and introduces himself. They exchange pleasantries and he starts asking her some really personal questions. He then gets into trying to get her to go to church and she politely refuses. Then he gets all in her case about going to church, yadda, yadda, yadda. You know the type…

I used to experience that all the time at Rutgers with those Campus Crusade for Christ jackasses… They were worse than those door-to-door Jehova’s Witnesses! One time, one of them had the gall to call me a misguided heathen for being baptized a Mormon! Granted I am as religious as your run-of-the-mill Agnostic, I really did not appreciate being spoken to in that way. Mock the religion all you want (hell, I do it too! I can’t wait to have 10 wives! :lol:), just do not go spreading your worthless rhetoric on my ass. Much like locusts, they would continually bug everyone around them in the student centers to go to their meetings and get more sheep into their flock. If you have seen Airplane! and remember the part with the bald religious guys bugging everyone at the airport, those Campus Crusade people were the exact same way!

I was telling devina about this and she told me those persistent idiots around her university were doing the same exact thing! We spent the better part of the morning sharing funny stories about them and our poor friends who chose to join only to want out real shortly thereafter.

I decided to call him crusade boy just because he had that same endearing bully mentality when he talked to people about religion. The amazing part is that he’s in cahoots with the lady across the hall from Devina who we swear practices Voodoo or Santaria. We’re just not sure which one. Anyway, crusade boy hit her car as he was parking and he will pay for the damages. Of course Devina had to physically confront him on this, as he would not have said anything otherwise. Hmmph, some religious person he is. He can’t even fess up to a mistake he made. Anyway, as he and Devina were exchanging license plate info and such, the voodoo lady from across the hall gave her the only “I’m gonna put a curse on your ass” stare. So we don’t know what’s going to happen now. Eh well… I may be experiencing sharp pains very soon. :sigh:

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Some neighbors Devina has. There is an apartment complex across the street from my house. I have my own share of weirdos who come and go like seasons. Funny.

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