Friday Five, the late edition

Since I never did it last week, I figured what the hell and do it this week. 🙂
Friday Five baby!

Where are you right now?
Sitting at my desk looking at my palm synching three new games I just downloaded. Bejeweled, Collapse! and Text Twist… How come no one notified me of these games?!?! Jesus I am so addicted to each of these games now… 😆

What have you lost recently?
Hmmmm. Nothing of value actually. If anything the last thing I lost was my old car in an accident.

What was the first cd you ever purchased?
Wow. I have no clue to be honest. If I were to guess though, I would say it was a Metallica album. Something wants to tell me that it was their Justice cd, but I am not sure on that one.

What is your favorite kind of writing pen?
Well, I fell in love with these pens Steph brought back from her trip to Taiwan some time ago. I have no clue who makes them, but they have a super duper fine point and when you write with them, it smells like strawberries! Unfortunately, some girl at my old job took my last one, so I have been strawberry-pen free for about a year now. :sniff: :sniff: Eh well, I suppose I just need to get my lazy ass to Chinatown and hunt them down. 🙂

What is your favorite ice cream flavor?
Since I am lactose intolerant, I can not eat ice cream. However, that doesn’t stop me from eating Haagen Daz sorbets… I’d say raspberry is my favorite flavor in their selection. 🙂 Mmmmm… Raspberry Haagen Daz sorbet…. :homer drool:


This week has been unbearably busy for little old me. 🙁 All I can say is TGIF. My ass needs some major sleepage today… This has been one loooooooong week.

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Yes, this has been a long week. I had almost every Metallica CD until some biatch stole all of them. Grrr. Justice was a good album, but I like the first, second, and fifth albums the best.

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