Two for Tuesday, the culinary edition

Tee hee… A wee bit late… 🙁
It’s Two for Tuesday time baby!

Tell us a little about your cooking skills. Would you make Julia Child green with envy – or simply green?
Hmmm, well I would say a little of both on this question. I would never dare say I am better than Julia Childs. Hell, I wouldn’t even say my cooking is better than my mom’s! 😆 However, I have been known to dazzle friends and loved ones with my culinary attempts. I think I got the biggest “oohs” from these crab cakes I made once and also for my hazelnut covered chocolate truffles (total porn baby). Now that Devina has a somewhat decent kitchen in her new place, I can better hone my cooking skills there. This weekend I am trying a pasta salad with marinated artichoke hearts… Not that pre-marinated jarred crap mind you, I’m talkin’ about getting some ‘chokes, slicing them up and marinating them in infused oil. Hmmm… Now that I think about it, can anyone recommend a good herb to marinate the hearts with in the oil? Would something like Rosemary go well with that??

Are you an adventurous eater?
Hehe… My ex Steph said it best. “Dave eat anything so long as it is not crawling off my plate and even then he may think about it…” 😆 I do not understand people that are unwilling to try stuff out because it’s different. Give it a try and if you don’t like it, at least you can say you gave it a shot right? Now where’s the harm in that??

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What about your kick ass eggplant in a tomato relish? That’s my favorite out of all the stuff you cooked for me in the past. I would have to agree that you are a pretty adventurous eater but I think you even have your limits. There are some weird items in Asian cuisine that even you wouldn’t even touch let along go near.

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