Friday Five, five questions… :)

Friday Five baby!

When was the last time you …sent a handwritten letter?
Wow… Well, the last time I can remember sending a hand written letter was when I was living in Edison in my old townhouse. I wrote a letter to my friend Tasha thanking her for a lovely weekend I spent with her when she flew up from Florida. ‘Twas many many moons ago… 🙁

…baked something from scratch or made something by hand?
I’d haveta say the last time I did both of those was when I made a lasagna for Devina when I was living at my old place right before I moved in with the ‘rents. Wow… It’s been a long ass time since I have cooked.

…camped in a tent?
Never. One of my things I plan to do one of these days.

…volunteered your time to church, school, or community?
I don’t think I have ever volunteered my time to anything volunteer related. I’m more of a monetary donator than a volunteer when it comes to matters of that nature.

…helped a stranger?
Almost always do. This morning I gave a little old lady 10 bucks to help her pay for her groceries when she found out she underestimated her total. Hehe… I just proved my statement above with this one. 😆

:sniff: :sniff:


Man what a horrible loss to the rock world. :sniff: :sniff: I was gonna get tickets to see them perform as well when they rolled into NYC, I guess not now.

Here’s an interesting tidbit…

If your girl tends to be a little on the sad side, ditch the hat and go on the pill or get a shot? Nope, not Prozac…

Birth control baby!!!

Turns out man juice has some nice mood altering hormones that the ladies just can’t get enough of. Hehe, I knew those dumbass psychiatrists were wrong all along. All everyone needs is just a good sloppy roll in the sheets. 😀

Then again you figured if anyone’s getting any, they’re gonna be happy right?

Oh, and it turns out it wasn’t Picard and Troi doing grinding ‘nads in the movie trailer. It looks like it’s Troi and the bad guy… Eh well, at least she’s getting some eh?

Ahh, I keep on forgetting. For those of ya interested in seeing the rebuilt server this site is running off of, check out the two pics below. 🙂

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Heh! You’ve never went camping before? 🙂 It’s fun…try it sometime. I like that computer, it looks pretty cool. I need a new computer soon. I always knew that “man juice” makes people happy…well, it makes me happy. I won’t elaborate here because you’d enjoy it too much.

Oooooh, that’s fancy looking! LOL.

Sex makes people feel good, eh? Hmm, I never would have thought of that one on my own! *rolls eyes*

that is the sweetest thing I’ve seen today, that you gave a little old lady grocery money!!! aww, dave – what a good boy!!!

Gotta luv the title to that article. “Semen makes women happy.”

Wow. Sex makes people feel good. What a surprise.

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