Nemesis trailer’s out!

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Oh man, I just saw the new trailer for Star Trek: Nemesis and it looks really damn good. The way they are portraying the movie it looks like it will be the last one starring the next generation crew. From what I know, there will be lots and lots of battle scenes (which really does make for better ST movies IMHO) and it’s us against the Remans (Romulan cousins of sort). There’s also a very capable nemesis for Picard (ala Kirk vs. Khan) to deal with which I dig alot since alot of their past foes are rather corny (well, with the exception of the borg queen). Personally, I find him to be the best ST captain of all time, plus I really to admire Patrick Stewart’s work in just about anything. I know that Brent Spiner (the guy that plays the lovable data) is at the point where he wants to off the character so I think they’re killing him off in this one which will really sadden me. However if anyone looks at the trailer you’ll sorta see four things happen:

  • Data creating another android looking like him
  • Data jumping out into space
  • Picard and *I think* Troi going at it mad monkey love style.
  • the bad guy and Troi going at it mad monkey love style. She gets around I see… Damned Betazeds. 😉

If this is the last one starring the TNG crew does that mean the Voyager crew will star in the up and coming ones? Eh well, only time will tell. 🙂

I finally got my new cpu’s in and they work perfectly so you should notice a speed increase in the loading of this site.

I’m now in the middle of upgrading some of the sites on my hosting server running Movable Type to version 2.2… You know what upsets me about that blog program (along with many others)? The fact that if you update certain files, you’ll have to go back and change them all over again when you do an upgrade. Ummm, hello?? Why not make the code just a wee bit more modular and reusable? Set up something like config files where all user level changes are made and keep them all there. This way you don’t have to touch the base CGI code even if you have to completely revamp it. Better yet, why not take advantage of doing it all in PHP? It’ll certainly become much faster in serving out the blogs… I’ve seen way too many poor MT blogs just crawl along because of over-inflated data files that perl has to parse through.

Eh well, at least they’ve finally had enough common sense to make use of MySQL which should make things faster. 🙂 The upgrade seems pretty seamless however, I don’t use it anymore, so I don’t know what other changes were made.

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Ummm bye for now. 🙂

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Trek talk is always fine, even if I stopped watching after TNG went away. I was a Babylon 5 man from before he ever filmed a frame — even got a t-shirt from him as a sign of thanks once B5 was bought. 🙂

Anyway, I loved Picard, too. I’ve watched some of the new Enterprise stuff (hate that title theme!), and while it’s fun, it’s too much about sex, sex and more sex. While not a bad thing, in and of itself, this ain’t Trek.

I’d expect some amalgamation films next — DS9/Voayger and anyone who wants in.

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