One time at band camp…

My brother had his graduation this past monday and of course he graduated valedictorian. It also turns out the results from a scientific aptitude tests he took for his new high school (he’s going to a honors high school a few towns away next semester) came back with a score of 99.2%. That’s freaggin’ sick!!! only .8% of the 8th graders in this state are better than him… Hehe… See! and you guys think watching Star Trek is bad for you… 😉 Either way I am way damn proud of him.

He’s gonna be a high school freshman (or is it freshperson nowadays??) come this September and I hope his stay at high school is a good one. I personally had no problems @ high school, but I think it’s because I generally got along with everyone there. I considered myself a part of the uppity geek crowd, however, I think I was a different type of smart than most of my geeky counterparts. Don’t get me wrong, there were some really brilliant people there and I am glad I got along with them most. Granted, I wasn’t the valedictorian, (my g/f was :grin:) I am glad I wasn’t like some of those people higher than me on the grade scale. I mean they could get the A’s they needed, but they were just dumb as shit when it came to other areas of life. It was then that I realized the significance of gathering knowledge and truly understanding something as opposed to just memorizing to get good grades. I’m trying to show that to my brother now… However, he doesn’t seem to understand what I mean by truly learning about something rather than just soaking it up, regurgitating it out and getting the A only to forget it later. He’s still in grammar school and there’s a different mentality there than in high school. One great example for me is college biology. Personally I like Biology as a subject, but the way they taught it at Rutgers, you had to memorize every single thing in front of you and just be able to speak it back to get the A. There was no real thinking involved…

Now Chemistry was my true love back then. Just like Physics, it was the thinking person’s science. Luckily, I had a terrific chemistry teacher back in high school and she gave me the foundation for thinking outside the box. Something that to this day (even though I do not do anything remotely chemistry related) helps me abundantly.

Hmmm, I am drifting way off subject here… 😉

I know my brother will do well in high school. Seeing the different groups of friends he has now, I can see he will most likely get along with just about everyone he will encounter in high school. I’m also making him take musical theory and instruction so at least he’ll learn how to play the guitar the right way as opposed to his big bro… 😉 Which means he may be a band geek! 😆

“You know one time at band camp….”

A funny thing happened on the way home yesterday. As I was making a left turn to get on a street leading to the main road where I live, I noticed the person who wanted to make a right onto the same street was my first girlfriend’s ex. I knew he didn’t recognize me, but he sure as hell looked the same to me since I last saw him (which was close to 10 years ago). Anyway, he still looked sleazy as hell and the kicker was that he was driving around in a little hoopty car with a big ass Dominoes pizza sign on the rooftop. I checked out the clothes and yup, he’s a Dominoes delivery guy.

How quaint….

Well, I don’t mean to knock the guy’s job or anything, but ya figured a 29 year old guy with rich parents would do something a little more interesting than being a Dominoes delivery guy right? One thing is for sure, my ex would definitely have a good chuckle at this. I need to find her damn e-mail address. 🙂

Work’s been a killer lately because of some bad stuff going on with the remote laptop users. Can’t really delve into it, but I knew this was coming a mile away and I am glad shit’s hitting the fan now.

Here’s another nice little diddy I am borrowing from Dara’s site who got it from Jess. 🙂 I liked the backwards number thing.

10 bands you’ve seen live
Dave Matthews Band
Marcy Playground
The Roots
I think I saw Menudo when I was a kid
TLC (a Z100 thing in North Jersey on a ski slope)
The guys that did “rump shaker” (a Z100 thing in North Jersey on a ski slope)
that’s it… 🙁 though I’d love to see Metallica

9 things you’re looking forward to
Finally moving out again
Getting my new car
Paying off my student loans
Seeing my sister land her first nursing job
My two week vacation time
Getting married
Having kids
Giving them everything I never had
Waking up everyday healthy

8 things you wear everyday
Pants of some type
Shirt of some type
One of my 12 pairs of shoes 😆
A smile

7 things that annoy you
Slow drivers
Dirty windows
Weather above 68 degrees
Stupid people
Messy areas

6 things you touch daily
My body babeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! 😉
My eyes (when I pop my contacts in)
My work computer
My trusty Palm (errr Pilot…)
My family when I say hi or farewell
My laptop

5 things you do everyday
Wake up (i really hope so)
Talk to Devina
Chat with friends

4 people you spend the most time with
My sis
My bro
My parents

3 movies you could watch again and again
The Princess Bride
The Shawshank Redemption

2 favorite songs of the moment
System of a Down – Toxicity
Nashville Pussy – Say Something Nasty

1 person you could spend the rest of your life with
That’s for me to know… 😉

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Yo Dave, what’s up? WOW, huge post here, but very interesting to read. I LOVE physics and math sciences. I personally think the Dominoes delivery story is hilarious!! hahaha

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