Two for Tuesday, trailer trash edition

It’s Two for Tuesday Time baby!

Name a trailer-trash food item or meal that you love. Note: If you say Spam, I’m going to be really worried about you.
Hmmm, well you know what. My latino butt is saying Spam. 🙂 So nyah! 😉 To be honest, I really do not know what trailer trash food consists of other than mayonnaise sandwiches and I despise mayo. What’s so wrong with Spam?? Why must we be ashamed to admit we love that pink stuff in the blue tin. 😆 Eh well, I used to love making spamwiches when I was a kid. I’d toast two slices of bread, slab a good amount of Kosciusko (:homer drool:) mustard on each side, fry up a slab of spam, fry up an egg, put the two together, sit my ass down in front of the tv and watch Voltron. Ahhh… Perhaps I will make myself a Spamwich tonight to watch with my Star Trek… *weeeeeeeeeeeee*

Describe an article of clothing to which you’re quite attached, despite its trashy facade.
Since I keep a very limited amount of clothing to myself, it gets thrown out and replaced with something new quite often. However, I still sleep with the blanket that I grew up with. Does that count?? And no! I am never giving up that blanket. I don’t care what anyone says!! 😉

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Spam?!?!….you know that explains everything. Spam *shaking the head*… hey you want a mickeyD supersize milkshake to go with that!

I agree. There is absolutey nothing wrong with Spam. I eat that stuff all the time. My mom likes to call it “the poor people’s meat.” I have to say that Spam lovers are usually Asians, Hispanics, and well… mostly just foreign people I guess. I put Spam in Ramen noodles all the time. Tasty!

Oh, my, God. I do believe you’re the first person – under age 65 – that I’ve ever heard say they like Spam! Ha! Maybe you should start a support grow — spamaholics anonymous? Just a thought. hehehe. Thanks for playing!! 🙂

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