Back in action baby!

Ah, much better now. I have successfully transferred a good deal of the old blogs to this one as well as the comments. 🙂

The new motherboard came in and I promptly popped into a brand new case (I’ll take pics of it tomorrow) on Friday. Saturday I managed to get everything back up and working as perfectly as it was when the machine went down. However, the CPU speeds of the two celeron processors were lowered (at their normal speed of 300MHz) when I rebuilt this server again. My friend Adrian told me over clocking the celerons as high as I did (550 MHz), he wasn’t surprised it took everything down so harshly. You may notice the data load a bit slower because of that as it’s running at half speed now. Fortunately, I managed to snag two new faster CPU’s on eBay (here and here) and they will be popped into the box as soon as I get them. At that point, I can safely over clock them to 550 each and I’ll have my fast server again. :yay:

As for the other site, it’s still up, but I have no clue what I am going to do with it. For now it’ll just stay there chillin’ on my linux box. My geeky side really wants to create a sort of episode review site for the Star Trek series that are airing now (Original, TNG, Voyager, Enterprise). I guess if enough of my friends are interested it may be something sort of cool. Who knows… that’ll be something I tackle in the future.

I accidentally deleted the tag board, so that will be number one on my list to actually code for the site. Next, I am thinking of doing a random links thing up above. First I gotta figure out how to obtain a randomized record set from SQL, and then I’m in business. 🙂 Can anyone point me in the right direction?? If you also noticed, I added Jenna’s, Robbie’s and Ada’s (yes, my ex-girlfriend) to my list of dailies above. I can see Ada’s taking to this blog thing quite nicely. 🙂

It’s too damn hot in this place… My ass is going to sleep.

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Haha.. I feel like I’m on Romper Room.. remember that show? In the beginning, they introduced all the kids.. now we have Jenna, and Robbie.. and Ada.. 8-p~ Nice to see you back and things are running a lot faster now. Woo hoo!

I’m glad to see that you’re back. 🙂 I did notice that the site does load a little slow but like you say, you’re gonna have that fixed asap. I think you should really get going with the trekky site. I’m sure people like my brother will absolutely love it. When you make it, I’ll show it to him…so get to it quickly! I just really want to thank you for the space you’ve given me for my site. I really appreciate it! I don’t know what I could have done without you. You truly are the greatest.

We must have just missed each other! I’ll probably bump into you tomorrow in between class and work <3

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