Two for Tuesday, the pet edition

It’s Two for Tuesday time baby!

Tell us about your one of your first pets.
Well, I don’t remember him, but my parents had a dog when I was growing up I think. From what I have gathered thus far, he was rather mean to me (thus my fear of dogs now) and he died in a car accident. Of course this is all bits and pieces that I have extracted out of various people in my family, but no one will say much more than “yeah, there was a dog in the family when you were a baby.” The first pet that I do remember is a pet snake that I bought for a science fair project. I loved that thing and loved watching it eat the little feeder fish I got him. He mysteriously disappeared a week after the science fair and I figured he just got out and slithered to freedom. My brother told me recently that my dad had my mom throw out the snake because my dad is deathly afraid of them. Granted it was only a garter snake, I can see that happening. 🙂

Pick a pet – any pet – and tell us something that he or she did/does that always puts a smile on your face.
One of my favorite things that amuses me to no end is watching my mom argue with Tony (my cat of 14 years). He’ll merrily walk into the kitchen when my mom is cooking and look up at her. She will then look down at him and ask him what he wants, to which he meows. Again she will ask him what she wants and he gives her a more authoritative meow (we all know he is just hoping for some more grub, but she loves busting his chops). This will go on for at least another ten minutes and the really hilarious part is just watching the both of them get frustrated with each other. She’ll get louder asking him what he wants and he’ll get louder demanding scraps… Eventually, he has the last word and my mom just gives him a small something. He will then meow one last time (as in saying “i win!”), walk over by the TV, plop down and do his post meal lick fest where he cleans every inch of his paw and face… Then he’ll go to sleep.

One other amusing thing he does happens at roughly 4:30am every morning. When he sleeps in my sis’s room, he will get up in the morning and paw at my sis to get up and open the door. Naturally in her sleepy state, she opens the door leading to the litter box. He’ll meow letting her know he wants out of the room, but not to the litter box. Once she realizes what’s going on, she opens the door to her room and let’s him out into the rest of the house. He’ll then quickly make his way to my parents’ room where he will scratch at the door if it’s closed or just barge his way in if it’s slightly opened. Once he’s in, he’ll get on my mom and nudge her face until she gets up. Again the arguing starts, though this time he wants her to open the door leading to the litter box for him. Eventually she’ll get up and let him out and she’ll lock the door behind him to teach him a lesson. Unfortunately, my sister has her own entrance to the main hallway to get out, so he’ll just scratch the door till she opens it… You know, in his old age Tony’s become a very spoiled cat ya think?? 😆 Oh I love the little guy.

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Hehe, yes Robbie, I am a cat person. 🙂

Dayum Ashley. Can we just call ya Ms. DooLittle? 🙂 That’s gotta be cool raising so many animals. 🙂

Hey now, don’t label me as a “cat person.” 😛

I live on a farm–we have TONS of animals. My mom’s a “horse person” so we have about 10 of those (they’re constantly cranking out babies, hence why I lose track easily), three dogs, a parrot, a pond full of koi in the living room (yes, one of those big black tub things you see at Lowe’s and pet stores), and about 10 cats, two of which are inside. We used to have: a rooster, a rabbit, a gerbil, a hamster, a raccoon, a handful of turtles, two frogs, and a few aquariums. Therefore I cannot be lumped into the “cat person” category. 😉

BLAH!!!! Cat people. Yuck!

I first had a huge black dog (Can’t remember what it was, but I used to ride him —NOT LIKE THAT, you dirty minded pervs) He’s name was Krypto. Now we have a rott, pit bull and mutt and the pit bull had puppies so we have 7 miniture rott/pit bulls running around and eating everything. They just started walking! They are soooooooo cute! I luv doggies.

Sounds a lot like my cat Chase. He’s very vocal and will carry on a conversation with you if you speak to him. However, there’s been debate over whether he’s really a cat or not because we have pictures of him melting the walls (read as “there are always funny red glowing things around him in the pictures we take of him”). He’s a strange one, but by far the best cat I’ve ever had. I think there’s a correlation there.

Aww.. how cute.. I love quirky pet stories. All I remember of Tony is him being a scaredy cat whenever I was around. Perhaps he needed to mellow out with age. I can’t imagine the 4:30am routine going on everyday. I am comatose at that time.

Oh, great stories. I love to hear about other people who are totally manipulated by their pets. It’s reassuring to know I’m not the only one! Thanks for playing! 🙂

Laugh! Tony sounds very much like Demon. Demon is a water fiend — he loves it. He’ll take showers with you at times.

However, when you give him fresh water, he demands two ice cubes. Not one, not three, but two. He knows when you’ve overdone it or shortchanged him.

Quite funny. This week he’s taken to singing duets with Kim. 🙂

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