Eh, what’s up doc?

Well, on top of the server fiasco yesterday, I had to go to the doctor’s this morning. I’ve had a sore throat since this past sunday, but yesterday it was really bothering me. So in the mid-afternoon I decided to go to the bathroom to look at the back of my throat in the mirror. Much to my horrid surprise there was something growing on the back of my throat!!! It looked like a weird swelling and it just freaked the living crap out of me. I immediately called the doc’s office, scheduled an appointment for this morning, told my boss I was coming in late (and showed her why) to which she just said, “ummm… take the day off if you need to.”

So I make my way to the doc’s office this morning and wait about a half hour for him to show up. We chit-chat for a bit and he starts doing his thing. Oddly enough, he’s very upset at me for gaining 6 pounds since my last visit, but what can I do about it right? So anyway, I tell him about the throat growth and he’s like “Aw, it’s nothing at all” and then reaches for the popsicle sticks (ummm, tongue depressors right). He then grabs his trusty light, I open my mouth, he looks in and I could immediately tell his reaction was “WTF is that!?!?”

Even more scared, I asked what it was and he’s like “I have never seen an infection that big.” To which he replies shortly afterwards with “it’s nothing…” So he gets busy writing a prescription for me when very slyly he starts talking about his computer crashing…

Hmmm… Ok…

So, now it’s time for dave to be the doctor I suppose. :lmao:

I ask my usual questions, we go take a look at it and notice his boot.ini file was corrupted. I quickly mutter “Jeez, I have never seen a boot.ini this messed up” to which I reply shortly afterwards….

“It’s nothing”

He smirks…

I give him my prescription and tell him to call me in the morning 😉

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Unless he gives you free prescriptions (samples, whatever) send him a bill.

HAHHA I’d like to see what he’d say to that!!

It always cracks me up when people slip in that stuff like that…like you’re not going to notice the change in conversation!

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