Two for Tuesday, the work edition

It’s two for Tuesday time baby!

Everyone’s gotta pay the bills somehow. Tell us a little about the work you do.
Well, I used to be a web developer but after a layoff and a shitty ass job market at the time, I took my current gig as a network administrator. I used to do desktop/systems administration back when I was younger, so it was another area of the computer field I could get into pretty quickly. Luckily, I had something to fall back on or else I may have been out of a job a hell of a lot longer as I still have web developer friends who can’t get a job. :sigh:

As for what I do, well, it’s really a bit of everything. I run and build the servers and desktops for the users here. I make sure the network runs as smoothly and painless as possible. I’m also support for about 60 remote laptop users as well as the 60-80 computers here, (along with another network in Seattle consisting of about 10 desktops and 1 server) but I rarely get calls now. Seems like I have made our infrastructure quite reliable and hassle-free. 🙂 There’s a bit more that I do so if you want to find out more about my career, why not peruse the resume?

Do you have a “dream job?” If so, describe it!
Yeah, though it’s completely unrelated to the computer field. If I had the chance I would love to own and be the executive chef of a flourishing and trendy restaurant. As for cuisine I would say it would be an asian/latino fusion of delicious treats. The restaurant itself is sitting on the edge of a cliff overlooking an ocean or a big lake and there is a 360 degree view of all the scenery. I’d have a jazz band playing every weekend like in one of my favorite all-time restaurants and a big ass bar up front. I was planning on going to cooking school a few times a week during the night sometime in the next few years to buff up on some culinary skills. Hey, maybe if I were good enough, I would have my very own show on Food Network too! That’s right bobby flay, my ass is coming after you!


Here’s a cool survey I borrowed from Dara that was borrowed from here. 🙂

Ethics / Personal Life:
Has a blog post ever got you into trouble?
Not that I can recall. Though I most likely will someday. 🙂

How many people do you know face-to-face who read your weblog?
Hmmm, well I would say all of my close friends know about it. Many of my on-line friends that I have met know about it. I have not met any other bloggers (or at least I think) in real-life yet that read mine.

Have you met any of your regional (or even remote) bloggers?
Not yet, but I plan to! 🙂

Do you modify or delete posts? How often? Why?
Never deleted any but I usually modify posts with poor grammar as Ada loves pointing them out to me. 🙂

How much is your weblog a part of your personal identity? Do you feel like people who don’t know about your blog don’t really know you?
Actually, I don’t really reveal too much about myself with my blog simply because it’s mostly a way for my friends to see how I am doing. 🙂 Every once in a while I will post up something that reveals a little more about me. However, one of the funnier things I have noticed about my blogging habits is that I tend to create very lengthy entries compared to others. in real life though, I talk very little when I am with friends in real-life. It’s almost like my alter-ego posting something here. 😆 If anything this alter-ego is just a less shy version of myself. Most of my friends will say that it takes a while for the “real” me to shine through which I know to be true. I’d imagine after some more time doing this, entries will become much more personal in nature.

How has blogging changed your life?
All that has changed is that I have gotten to meet many wonderful people.

Technical / Design:
Do you know how to code at all? Did you learn how to code by blogging?
Hehe… I’ve been coding web site since back in ’95. 😉 I have been doing it professionally for roughly 3 or 4 years now.

What weblogging tool do you use and why?
The one thing I am very proud of is that I do not use a weblogging tool. This site is purely created by me. The only thing on this site not created by me is the tag board, but that will soon change once I have some free time. The reason why is when I was laid-off from my last job, I needed to do something to keep my ASP/SQL coding skills fresh and new in my head. Unfortunately, I was not able to run any of the blogging tools (Movable Type and Greymatter) on my server because I screwed up Perl. I wasn’t too great with PHP, so I built a Windows server for myself and spent my days laid-off building the code to run this site from scratch. 🙂 The funny part is that the code only took a couple of weeks whereas the design took me like 3 months. 😆

Does the design seem like something that is just something that has to be dispensed with in order to be able to write publicly, or is your design an integral part of your writing and presentation?
Coming from a professional background, I see design as secondary (or tertiary) to writing good and stable code and content. A nice design doesn’t run amazon or eBay, good backend code and lots of content does… Thus my lack of awe-inspiring graphics. 😀 Besides, you can have the prettiest site in the world, but without decent content who the hell is going to come back right? To me, the true judge of an excellent web site is content, looks are and always will be secondary. I have also always been a sucker for very simply designed sites.

How many times have you changed your weblog design entirely (or nearly so)?
None since it’s inception. I’m thinking a yearly re-design will suffice for me. However, it has been through 4 code revamps to speed things up a significant amount on the backend side.

Readership / Motivation:
How many people would you guess (educated guess based on hit counts/logfiles) read your weblog on a weekly basis at least?
Based on the current WebTrends reports I run on my site every month, (*quickly loads it up to verify*) last month I was averaging roughly 1000 hits per day, 700 daily page views and 1600 unique visitors with about 300 of them coming back more than once. It’s increasing roughly 5-8% every month which I guess is cool. For the year thus far, the breakdown is about 100,000 total hits, 46,000 page views and a grand total of 4,343 people checking out this place I call home. I’m assuming this is on the low-end or just about average. I’m used to seeing corporate web stats that produce hits and page views in the millions and monthly visitors in the hundreds of thousands.

What have you done to get more people to look at your site?
Well, nothing really. My guess is just word of mouth and people linking each other. I have noticed much more people coming in based on my comments on different sites and also google searches. Luckily, (or unluckily depending on how you look at it) I still hold the number one spot for the word lascivious on Google. Though I would imagine people running that for a search would be sorely disappointed when they reach my site and not the .com version (ummm, 18 and over for that one folks).

What one or two characteristics make a blog really popular? Are there things that you could do to have more people read your weblog that you consciously do not do? Why?
I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. CONTENT! without content, who the hell wants to read your site? I mean would you really want to read Joe (or Jane) schmoe’s blog rant about needing money or a wish list item every single day? I suppose if I participate in more surveys or sign more guest books I would gather many more hits, but I am not doing this for hits or fame. I am more than flattered at the amount of people that see this site.

What really popular weblog do you think most deserves it…and/or least deserves it?
Hmmm… tough question. Is there a way to gauge what the most popular blog out there is besides BlogDex? though I really do enjoy reading Wil’s site and he definitely deserves the monster hits/comments he receives on a daily basis.

How do you feel about your readership? What makes for a quality readership to you?
Well, my guess is the ability to attract good comments or e-mails.

Influence of other bloggers:
What other blogger is most responsible for you starting your own weblog.
Hmmm… That’s really tough. To be totally honest, I didn’t get really into it until I saw Julia’s site. Unfortunately her old domain ( went the way of the dodo bird, but she’s got a lovely new home now with a much cooler direction I think. 🙂

Who was the first other blogger (that you know of) who put you on their sidebar, and how did you feel? How did it influence your blogging?
To be honest I have no clue whatsoever. I want to say Jennifer was the first, but I am sure she would correct me if that were not the case. I was extremely flattered that I was linked from someone’s blog that I enjoyed (and still do) reading.

What other blogger do you most admire for her writing skills?
I just can’t pin it on one person. There’s way too many people to list. However, if I link someone then I truly do admire both their writing and design skills.

What other blogger do you most admire for her design skills?
Same as above.

Who is a blogger that you think is really good but doesn’t get nearly the attention they are worthy of?
Hmmm, well, when I read every single blog out there, only then do I think I can make a judgment along those lines.

Do you feel obligated to have people on your link lists/sidebars that you never read?
No. Once I stop reading them, they are off my link list.

What one or two characteristics define a really quality blog (in your humble opinion, of course)?
Hehe… Content, content, content. 🙂

Bonus Question:
Do you fear the booge?
Nah… You should try giving my cat a bath to understand being afraid of something. The noises and stares he gives you are just frightening, Though I am really digging this site. 🙂

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Ohhh yes, veRRy, veRRy nice dream job. Would this be a $$$$$ restaurant? Sounds like it easily would be (well, depending on your culinary skills). But hey, I’m easy, as long as you can make me a kick ass apple martini, I’m there! hehehee

But that does sound like a super sweet atmosphere. Asian and Latin influence? Sounds very gourmet! And delicious. Any recipes I could try??

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