As the world turns…

Who knew keeping fish could be such a soap opera? Hehe.

There were two more babies in the tank yesterday and unfortunately, oscar had one of them as an appetizer..

Poor little bugger… 🙁

Anyway, with the extra baby fish in the main tank, we thought perhaps the other black molly we have in the main tank was another pregnant one. Unfortunately, it’s really hard to tell the sex of a Black Molly, so we really do not know if we have all females or if one of them does a really good drag impression. Supposedly you can see an appendage in the tail fin, but it’s really hard to without a magnifying glass and as soon as we put it up to the tank, they swim away. 😆 Maybe they like the anonymity of being sexless for now. Who knows. 😉 At last count, we have 7 baby mollies just having the time of their life in the baby tank. However, this weekend I think I am getting another 10 gallon tank to manage the fish better. You know, no one ever told me keeping fish would be so damn addictive! 😆

Onto the soap opera. It seems of the three Diamond Tetras we have, one of them (Scarlet, the red one) is a female. Now, Saffron (the yellow one) has chosen her as his mate I think, because every time Lucky (the blue one) gets anywhere near her, he gets chased to the other side of the tank by Saffron. So poor Lucky’s freaking out in a corner as Saffron stands guard in the middle of the tank just waiting to beat his ass. Though the funky part is that we believe Scarlet actually prefers Lucky. It’s really funny to watch! She’ll hide behind Oscar as he moves along to the other side of the tank (and no one messes with Oscar) and then she’ll start chillin’ with Lucky waving that fine yellow tail of hers all over the place. Saffron will notice this and just charge to the corner again driving lucky to the other side leaving an unfulfilled Scarlet in the corner. The process repeats endlessly and provides oodles of entertainment for us. 😆

I feel bad for Lucky though, so this weekend I’m gonna see about gettin’ some more chickies in there. We keep the pH of the water just a wee bit on the high side so that they do not breed. Luckily it’s just in the range of the other fish so no harm is ever done to anyone else by keeping the pH at that level.

I just wanna thank everyone who’s been sending me e-mails and leaving comments with advice on the fishies, it’s really been very helpful. 🙂

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The boyfriend is obsessed. His knowledge and passion seem to have rubbed off on me. I just couldn’t help myself, damn it!

Yeah, but anyway, glad your getting the hang of this fishy business. 😉

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