babies babies everywhere!

this is soooooooo cool!

i went down to the pet store this weekend to finally get some fish to accompany our betta (oscar). we got a couple of algae eaters, lots of different tetras (neons, black diamond, diamond) and a few black mollies. unfortunately, when we got home, (20 minutes later) two of the diamond tetras were dead. 🙁 the one that did survive we named lucky and all of them made the transition to our new tank very nicely. we went back to the pet store and replaced the dead ones with new ones. sucked to have two poor fish die though right before they made it to their new homes.

*bows head in silence*

anywho, about 3 hours after we cycled the water my mom noticed a tiny little black fish scurrying about. after a closer look, we noticed there were three babies floating around in there and one of the black mollies was hiding in the plants giving birth to more! how freaggin’ cool is that?!? I bought a pregnant black molly. after some careful observations it turned out we have four female and one male black molly. after even more scrutiny, we noticed all of the females were pregnant! damn that guy got around!

:sniff: :sniff:

…brings a tear to the eye, he’s a true playa. I think i’ll name him biggie smalls. 😆

anywho, I quickly got on-line to check out the breeding information on these fish and we set up a spare tank to help them give birth. after that was all over with, we moved the females in there and kept the male in the main tank with the rest of the fishes. I think they gave birth to more in the new home, but we’re not sure. according to several web sites, they take about 6 weeks to take care of business and finish with the birthing process. I have no clue what we’re going to do after all of the babies are developed and such. it’s kinda freaking me out now… once we re-introduce the females back in the tank they’ll just get pregnant again. sad to say, but is there a way to neuter a fish? or is suppose I could buy another big tank just for breeding mollies and sell the babies. but that would take a lot of time that I do not have. does anyone know if pet stores buy fish back? ugh…

well, while I figure this out, I took some pics of the new pets. they are in the photo gallery above.

if anyone’s got advice about my fish situation, please send some my way. 🙂

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Jenna, pet stores discourage placing bettas with other colorful fish. Smaller, less flashy fish are fine in a tank with a betta, which is what I recommended to Dave. As far as a betta jumping out of a tank goes I guess it’s possible, but I’ve never personally seen a betta do much acrobatic swimming (such as jumping). I’ve heard of stranger things happening in the world though.

How funny, someone was telling me about bettas at work today. (At my spanking brand new job I just started today. WOOHOO!)

Her aunt trained her betta to jump out of the water and be pet. She said she’s thinking of making some hoops for him to jump through with those big hoop earrings.

I thought she was pulling my leg though

Watch the betta! They can be pretty aggressive and usually pet stores don’t recommend keeping them with other fish (especially other bettas). One of my other fish had babies and we managed to salvage one and it’s growing fine! Good luck! 🙂

Whoa, that’s so cool 😀 We’ve had TONS of fish, and they’d never had babies, so I’m always so amazed when that happens! hehe. 🙂

As I am sure you saw at the pet store, mollies aren’t that expensive, nor are they a very hardy breed. Out of 20 babies maybe 5-10 will survive past the 6 weeks of care the websites described. With these two things in mind, I think it’s safe to say that you shouldn’t try to make a career out of molly-breeding. 😉 Maybe ask around, see if anyone wants some free fish, or ask the people at the pet store. The pet stores here take in kittens and puppies a person doesn’t want, I’d imagine they’d know what to do with fish a person doesn’t want as well. As I said, they aren’t a very hardy breed (I was surprised to see the tetras died instead of the mollies, actually), so your fish-baby problem may not be plaguing you long. If you find someone to take some of the babies off of your hands maybe they would consider taking the male as well. That would prevent any future pregnancies from occuring.

Glad to know that your betta has some tankmates now. I hope it all works out for you and the fish. 🙂

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