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proof of why I should NEVER be left alone @ work. I now own:

i’m thinking star trek styled blogs complete with stardates as headers. now I gotta remember how they came up with them stardates. ahhh, very good, here it is. hmmm, not big on having a negative value date though… :-/

speaking of which, I enjoyed a few of the season finale and series ending episodes this week. yesterday’s star trek was actually really freaggin’ cool. it looks like the star trek writers have the whole time travel thing almost figured out to where it’s just about believable. 😆

i loved the 24 season finale and how they left it wide open for the next season. plus I am also glad they finally killed off the wife and dennis hopper. there was just no need for either of those characters in that series… the x-files series finale wasn’t half bad if I may say so myself. to be honest, I stopped watching that series when mulder left. not that I didn’t like the replacement agents, but it just wasn’t the same show after that. I loved the dynamics between scully and mulder even though they didn’t like each other much in real life. I really liked the “ghosts” thing and especially dug the smoking man dishing out the truth to scully in his groovy hippie locks. I heard the movie has them trying to stop that invasion that’s foretold to occur in 2012, I can’t wait!

so I was watching a news editorial yesterday about animal rights and the need for more. I used to work at a major pharmaceutical company in the research area, so I know how badly animals area treated at times. however, I also know the benefits of animal testing in the grand scheme of things. hopefully in the future we’ll rely much less on them for testing and more on computers, but at this time, it’s just not a possibility.

anywho, there’s talk of giving animals extra rights and allowing them to be treated as individuals instead of property. suppose, acme corporation mistreats bubba the horny white fluffy bunny. I can sue them for a lot of money so that it never happens again, though what do I do with the money? I mean there’s only so much you can spend to take care of an animal right? what am I going do with the 300 million dollar lawsuit I just won for fluffy? get him gold-lined carrots for life? have his own life-sized elmer fudd doll to beat up on? buy him a 20 bedroom mansion? hell no! he doesn’t care about money, he just wants to eat, sleep and perhaps get some from a few cute lonely bunnies (hey, maybe even at the same time! :grin:).

i’d say donating the winnings to the ASPCA or some other organization that actually does something good for animals is a better goal. treating them as individuals is a very good first step. this way, the enforcement of the animal rights laws can have a more realistic effect. imagine spending 10, 20, 30 years for torturing pets or paying fines in excess of hundreds of thousands of dollars for mistreatment of animals. many individuals would most certainly think twice about abusing an animal if that were the case. however, giving the power to people to sue on behalf of the animal just is not the right step to take yet. I can see too many bastards looking towards their own best interests as opposed to the animals’ when it comes to monetary lawsuits. i’d love to see how this turns out.

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DORK! a star trek type domain. loser!

when you get it set up let me know so my brother can join in on the fun.

…. and don’t call the bunny horny. not all living creatures should be described with adjectives that fit you perfectly.

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