quick, hide the weed!


my sis is graduating tomorrow! 🙂 :yay: after tomorrow she’ll be a full fledged nurse I think. not really sure how that whole thing works out, but either way I am damn proud of her. unfortunately I can’t make it to the graduation because I need to be @ work. however, I’m giving daddoo my cam to take oodles and oodles of pics. 🙂 gotta remember to get some flowers tomorrow after work for her.

cool news! I was asked by one of my friends to move in with him back down in central jersey! woooooo! it looks like in september i’ll finally have a place to call my own again. 🙂 I’m a going to have to start saving cash like a mofo now.

more good news coming, I finally got my check for the car accident yesterday and it’s a shitload more than what I originally thought it would be. the kelly blue book value for the car was roughly 2400-2600 bucks (me likes driving), the deductible was 1000 and with the rest of the payments I had left, I figured I was getting back a few hundred at most. lo’ and behold mr dave is 2 grand richer! :lmao: either way, that’s in my savings account for a down payment for my new car. i’ve test driven a bunch of cars so far and the list of the ones I was interested in are below.

  • volkswagen jetta or passat – no way, I hate the “mushiness” in it’s handling
  • audi a4 – it’s just a more expensive passat with the hot babe magnet factor thrown in. i’ll pass.
  • honda accord – devina drives one and I have tried driving it. I just can’t get myself to buy one.
  • toyota camry/corolla/mr-2 – I’m a toyota fan, I liked them all. though I was really diggin’ the yellow mr-2.
  • subaru impreza – NAICE!
  • acura cl type s – *droooooool*
  • i’m also waiting to hang out with karen again to test drive her spanking new eclipse to see how that fits into the potential car category.
  • i’m waiting to test drive an altima as well… I liked dann’s and I have heard nothing but good things about the newer ones.

oooh, I also finally got my driver’s license reinstated! hehe… I can cause hell on the roads again without extra worry.

with the current theme of police officers in my life now, there were a few at work today. just as I was going to fix a palm issue with one of the execs, I noticed a police officer in our hallway talking to a co-worker. turns out one of the 16 year old temps working at my job got her purse stolen and she’s blaming someone on the inside. I felt bad for her, but I just don’t buy her story in the least bit. the reason why is because with all of the expensive glasses ($700+) and computer equipment lying around, there’s bound to be stuff missing on a daily basis, yet nothing is ever swiped from our work place. eh well, I hope she finds her stuff.

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i’m feelin the acura. test out the lexus is300. real nice car, or at least I think so. my cousin test drove the altima before buying the lex, and he said that the altima was really great.

I can tell you from personal experience: do *not* buy a VW Jetta. I slammed into one with my minor little Sunbird and totaled the thing. The lady driving was sent to the hospital and the car was a goner. They don’t hold up too well at all in any sort of accident. If you die then there won’t be anymore interesting entries on this thing to fill our time with… and where’s the fun in that?! So no Jetta please.

How funny. Stuff gets swiped from my work on a weekly basis. Last Sunday night, some guys stole 50,000 dollars from the safe at our race track. The funny thing is that the safe was on wheels! The rolled it down the escalator and threw it in the back of a truck and split. This crap pisses me off. I used to be a cop back in the day.

hey thanks for your reply that was sweet. 🙂
you were the only one my bestest friend didnt even tell me anything.

and I test drove an altima and loved it. a little high in the seat but then again im 5’10. so it worked out. but very smooth.

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