two for tuesday, the movie edition

    it’s two for tuesday time baby!

  • if you could pick one all-time favourite movie, what would it be and why? you know, there are just way too many to call my absolute favorite but, if anything I would have to say it’s braveheart. i’d like to think of it as one of mel gibson’s finest acting (and directorial) performances (other than the remake of hamlet, which was f’ing awesome). I remember the first time I saw it was at the computer lab where I worked. we waited until everyone left the lab at night, ordered a few pies of pizza, bought a whole mess of beer and chilled in one of the training rooms. the cool part about the training rooms were that they had wide projection screens and a pretty sweet sound system so we played the movie for like 10 of us. I was completely awestruck by the film and couldn’t stop talking about it for weeks on end. even to this day I still get way psyched during that main battle scene where he gives the speech to the people there. 😀
  • what’s your favourite “guilty pleasure movie” – one that’s so bad it’s good? oh that’s easy, it’s the cutting edge for me. I must admit the primary reason I love this movie so much is because moira kelly is so damn hot. 😆 otherwise it’s one of those mushy movies where I don’t care if people know I am enjoying the hell out of it like a little kid watching a cartoon for the first time. I still get that warm and fuzzy feeling and flash a big ass silly grin when they kiss each other at the end.

so I am driving to work today and I noticed something really odd when I went through the ez pass toll lane. there’s 4 state police officers standing right outside of the regular toll lanes pulling every single person over to the side when they pay their toll. whereas everyone leaving the ez-pass lane just happens to stroll on by without a hitch. I wonder what the hell that was all about. was this a state-wise thing? or was it just at the entrance to the northbound turnpike near the lincoln tunnel? perhaps they are gonna start forcing people to use EZ-Pass from now on or they get a big fat ticket… hehe

now this is just utterly hilarious! personally I have always despised AO-Hell and snickered (like many of us in IT) at those unfortunate souls who are using them as their ISP. I have either stuck with MSN or EarthLink as my ISP’s just in case I’m out of town and need to get on-line and have never had any weird issues with both.

i’ve been busy the last week or so building a new linux box to replace the older one I am currently using. it’s a monster compared to the current one I have servicing all of ya. the current linux box is a dell pentium I 166 Mhz with only 128mb of ram and a 40gb drive. while this is quite capable for what I want to do, patching it takes a while because it’s not that great of a processor. the machine that will be replacing it is a dell pentium III 500Mhz with 768mb of ram and a 120gb worth of drive space (honestly, it really isn’t that much, it’s almost full now :lol:). it is also capable of running movable type, so that I can host my friend’s web sites if they want to dive into the world of blogging. 🙂 I’m not doing greymatter because I think it’s a completely inferior product and I am not satisfied with their stance on keeping the application secure.

i ran into the Snap Your Desk! website and submiited my own work desktop as one of the pics being shown there. however I just realized that I also gave julia a cool plug by having her blog up at the time I took the pic, so it shows up on the site when you look at my desk! 😆

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yeah, this morning travelling near 16w and up was really clogged, wasn’t it? I heard that they were conducting car searches again at all the crossings since the terrorist level thing was heightened yesterday and today….

Oh, Braveheart is great. In fact, I quote that movie all the time and it’s a bit of a running joke in my house. Whenever I’m unhappy with something, I don my best Scottish accent and say, “berrrn it.” (a.k.a. “burn it”)

And I’m making a mental note to watch The Cutting Edge — haven’t seen that one before.

Wow, I remember that movie (The Cutting Edge). I think you might have beaten me (I had Son in Law — Pauly Shore . . .)

Braveheart’s a good’un, though!

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