friday five, the locks edition

    friday five baby!

  • what shampoo do you use? pantene pro-v the clear one for daily use
  • do you use conditioner? what kind? pantene as well baby!
  • when was the last time you got your hair cut? ummm, a month and a half ago… damn, I need to get a haircut… I’m starting to give david hasslehoff a run for his money… 😆
  • what styling products do you use? none. don’t believe in them anymore. I guess it’s just cuz I got older but my hair behaves exactly as it is expected to at all times. :yay:
  • what’s your worst hair-related experience? when I first started going to school @ rutgers I needed to get a haircut but my normal guy (that I have been going since I was 16) was too busy that weekend. so, I bit the bullet and went to one of those “cool” salons in new brunswick. by cool it means that the music had to be Z100, 103.5, 97.5 PST or some other crappy ass wanna-be clubby for teeny-bopper girls radio stations. they also had to have a few guys stinking of liquor in there with tight black t-shirts and frosted hair. finally the women had to be average looking white girls who wore way too much make-up and didn’t have much intellectually to begin with. hehe… you can really tell I hate these places eh?

    anywho, I happen to make an appointment and the girl promptly takes me to her area and sits me down. after sneezing a little from her extreme overuse of cheap perfume, I tell her exactly how I like my hair cut. it’s not a hard thing at all, you just use the clipper with a zero on the sides, a 3 on top with longer hair left in the front (cuz I like it that way). it’s pretty much your generic latino short haircut that’s very easy to care for. while she’s cutting my hair, she starts blabbing to me about god knows what and flirting with me to ensure herself a good tip. now, since I didn’t have my contacts with me, I had to wear my glasses which were off during the haircut. so, when she’s all done I put them back on and I looked the job she did in the mirror and was LIVID. she completely buzzed my head with a number 2 setting so it looked like I was enlisting in the marines ready to face gunnery sergeant hartman in my skippies (GREAT damn movie BTW). seeing my reaction to the crop chop, she asked if it was ok and I promptly asked her how much it was. after almost having a coronary for the price, (30 fucking dollars to cut men’s hair!!) I gave her the money with no tip and got the hell out of there. I was begging for her to ask me why I gave her no tip so that I would unleash my wrath on her, but she was smarter than I had originally thought. :-/

    it should also be noted that the reason I got the haircut was so that I would look better for my date with steph I had that night. I went to work at the computer lab and saw steph chilling out there… great! as I embarrassingly walked by, I could tell she wanted to laugh her ass off and she was trying her damned hardest not to do it in front if me. thankfully she laughed in private away from my then fragile ego… 😆

    the next time I needed a haircut, I went to a different salon in a better part of town. unfortunately this one also had the same enticing ambiance of the first place. again, an inept hair stylist with inordinately large, yet incredibly soft (don’t ask) tatas messed up my haircut another time. this doozy was a whopping 40 bucks. she got no tip….

    from that point on, I made it my golden rule to spend the 20 bucks to go back to my normal guy and pay the 10 bucks (with tip) for my normal chop. he knew I got my hair cut elsewhere and he had a wonderful laugh when I told him the stories…. needless to say , no one will ever, ever, ever touch my hair again.

welp, I haven’t gotten rid of the guest book, but from this point on I will not be taking entries into it. 🙂 personally I see no use for it as I got a tagboard set up on here and you can always comment or e-mail me if ya dig this place. unfortunately, it will take me a while longer to create my own tagboard so I downloaded one from somewhere and am using that. works pretty well I must say. if I remember where I got it from i’ll make sure to let y’all know.

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I’m wondering just how credible women are to cut men’s hair. My boyfriend went to a supposedly “talented” salon to get his hair trimmed (note the “trimmed” part here). The woman butchered his hair. She ruined his sideburns, which weren’t even what he told her to cut, and I found God knows how many uneven pieces in the back she left. As you can probably guess, he was just as irate as you were. “No tip for you!” (tip-nazi)

the more expensive hair salons always do the WORST jobs. the only two people who cut my hair is my mom, and my mom’s hairdresser. no one else touches it. my mom’s hairdresser only charges like 20 bucks, so that’s pretty good for a girl’s hairstylist you know? most places charge way more than that. I say that men should only go down to the corner barber or do it themselves. my brothers and my dad invested in a hair buzzer kit and they just do their own hair. it looks good, and they don’t have to spend 10 bucks every two weeks. their hair grows really fast 🙂

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