yay for object oriented searches!


here’s an interesting twist on object oriented design… check out this search engine. kartoo.com. I’m having a fun ass time getting around in here and playing with the relationships between the sites.

in an effort to clean up the code on my site and streamline stuff, I’m also getting rid of the guestbook. I mean I like guestbook entries, who doesn’t? but with the ability to comment on each entry and e-mail me, I figured what’s the point in keeping a guestbook? make no real sense if you think about it. however, I am increasing the input limit on the comments section just in case some people feel like writing lengthy entries. 🙂

i am also in the middle of building a tagboard for this site. I’m not impressed at all with what’s out there so I figured i’d be a geek and build my own. 😀

ahhh… gotta love when the boss is not in for a week eh? 😆

2 replies on “yay for object oriented searches!”

hmm… I knew I should have taken that course on C… I guess it comes in handy when you’re makin stuff like your own tagboard, ay? I just tried kartoo and you wouldn’t believe the weird stuff I got back. especially when I typed my own name. I had no idea so many things used sandy. god, I only know two other people with the same name as me! on and offline… oh, and silly me, I forgot to comment on your site! you have a really interesting site here…

guestbooks aren’t that great anyway. I get more comments on my site than guestbook entries anyway. the tagboard I have is pretty cool. it has an administrative section where I can edit and delete tags. 🙂

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