suicidal birds and robert deniro

kindly swiped from dara

1. List 5 adjectives that describe yourself:
a. quiet
b. shy (excruciatingly)
c. patient
d. intelligent (to a degree, I mean I am no einstein :grin:)
e. heartless (yes, it does happen more often than not)

2. List 5 titles that describe yourself:
a. network admin
b. geek at heart
c. friend
d. amateur advice columnist
e. cartoon addict

chattin’ with ada (my ex) on IM, she also suggested I add “pussy connoisseur” and “sex addict”. you folks take that as you wish but I just got my ego boosted infinitely *big silly ass grin*

3. List 3 goals you have in life:
a. make 6 figures by the time I am 30
b. own and drive a bmw m5
c. be a great father and husband

4. List 3 fears you have:
a. being lonely
b. dying alone
c. shellfish in water (i have no clue why)… OH, and dogs.

5. List 3 faults you have:
a. I’m too shy
b. I’m too quiet
c. I hold a lot of emotions internally

What are your beliefs on:
6. Abortion? pro choice… what gives me the right to control a woman’s body? though I agree with dara, not as a form of birth control.
7. God? i’d like to meet this person if they really exist. got tons of questions I expect answered.
8. Euthanasia? if someone wants to die, let em… what do I care?
9. Contraception? imagine me spawning, folks… I thought so… I fully support contraception.
10. Homosexuality? why not? nothing better and funnier than hanging out with your friendly neighborhood lesbian or gay guy.
11. Interracial dating? ummm… devina’s black, so what does that say about my views?
12. Sex before marriage? wha?? I don’t even date virgins?!? so, I’m supposed to wait until I get married before I have sex? 😆 ummm… hell no! have ya ever asked yourself what if the sex is bad?? and people wonder why the divorce rates are so high.

13. Name 3 things that irritate you:
a. religious freaks that push their beliefs on others
b. stupid people
c. mtv

14. List 5 things you look for in a mate:
a. intelligence (i don’t date ditzes)
b. open minded and willing to try new things
c. independence (clingy women suck)
d. fits my standards of beauty
e. gotta have a nice shapely ass and legs (hehe, I’m latino whatcha expect?!?!)

15. If you wanted to, list 3 things you would change about yourself:
a. be about 50 pounds lighter
b. be more social
c. be able to manage time better

16. Name someone who you admire in your life and give a brief reason why: my dad. he’s been through alot raising us and did a DAMN good job of it.

17. Name someone who has influenced your life greatly: my close friends.

18. Do you want children, and if so, how many? 2, both boys.

19. What is your philosophy in life? just have fun, you’ve only got once chance at this in your body.

20. List 3 things/hobbies you would like to learn:
a. play the piano
b. piloting a plane
c. racing an indy car

21. What is your first thought when you wake up in the morning? “another 5 minutes….”

well, I finally managed to pay off that silly ass insurance surcharge plus an extra 50 bucks to restore my license. by monday/tuesday I should be a legal driver again. 🙂 oooh, I love it when people outside of the normal commenters throw in their two cents. 🙂 thanks amber and ashley!

i found out my domains were both expiring this month so I renewed them for another year. you know, I also own like 8 domains in total?!?! – my advice site I have to really get working on. – my linux box – a domain I got just cuz I liked that word. – a failed business venture – a failed friendship – for my dad’s business – for my girlfriend that she doesn’t even use. *hmmph*

luckily I only paid 10 bucks for each of these domains or else i’d be really pissed that I do not use the others. 😆 need one? use what I use, great bunch of people and domains are only 9.95 per year. 🙂

as I was driving (carefully :grin:) to work today I happened to see something a little saddening. two birds up and committed suicide in different spots. the first one was this jackass bird who though it could outrace a subaru wrx. the dumbass tried to fly right in front of it only to painfully meet the grill in a very quick death. the other bird I saw ending its own life just dropped from the sky and landed on an suv’s rooftop, which then bounced onto the windshield of a school bus full of small kids. I mean it’s sad that the bird died, but to have it die right in front of your eyes if you’re a 5-6 year old has to be slightly traumatizing. all of them started crying, so I guess there’s a few parents who are gonna haveta explain death to their kids tonight. :sigh:

i’m off to the tribeca film festival tomorrow with devina. :yay: I wonder if I will run into bobby d there. that would rock!

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mtv is terrible, I agree. I might have to steal your entry and change it around to fit me. “sex addict” is a perfect title for you. I only want sons too! girls are too much of a pain in the ass. I don’t know what i’ll do if I have daughters.

Wow, I even got my own thank-you and everything. I’m touched. *sniffles back some tears* 🙂

I normally don’t like reading the long, self-descriptive lists people paste all over their blogs/journals, but I enjoyed yours. I think the reason for this is because it’s so much like one I’d write.

…poor birds… *pauses for a moment of silence in remembrance of our fine, feathered friends*

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