hope I don’t get pulled over… :sniff:

ok, so how much does *this* suck???

i get my mail today as it’s been a few days since I stopped by the old mailbox. at home I chuck out the “you’ve won 27.9 million dollars” and “this 3 million dollar limit platinum visa card is all yours” pieces of tasty junk mail. when I get to the good stuff, (bills, etc.) I notice I got something from the division of motor vehicles. I thought it was my change of address sticker I filled out a couple of weeks ago on-line. much to my dismay however, it’s a letter notifying me of the suspension of my license! wtf?!?!

after some careful reading, I found out I had to pay a service charge for my two speeding tickets earlier this year. since I did not pay them, the good folks at the dmv decided I was not allowed to drive anymore…

ok, my question is why wasn’t I notified of these damn charges? and since when does a jersey driver have to pay an extra fee on top of the outrageous fees for a speeding ticket? does this happen in other states? :grumble: hopefully, I can have my license reinstated by early next week once I pay this damn thing tomorrow. :sigh:

anywho, I just finished watching the first enterprise today and I must admit this one is pretty damn good! hmmm, looks like it’s not doomed and my faith has been restored. 🙂

if y’all haven’t noticed the changes by now, shame on you. 😉

  • added some basic search functionality to the site now *woo* it doesn’t accept operator commands yet, (AND, OR, NOT) but it works for single words at the moment. i’d rather have limited good functionality now than risk being hacked ya know… 😉
  • added a “site of the moment” where i’ll put up a link for a cool site I happen to find via friends, other blogs,or my own bored ventures into la-la land.
  • added bliss, razor, christine (of blahblah.com), christine (of colormepink.com), erin, carlo and zannah to my list of dailies…

holy shit! clancy brown, who plays the kurgan of highlander fame and captain hadley of shawshank fame (GREAT movie!) is on the second episode of enterprise tonight! sweeeeeeeeeeet!

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Tickets suck anyway, let alone when there’s some BS charge racked up on them as well. I agree with Julia on this one… those bastards! Good luck getting it taken care of and straightened out. Mention to them that Ashley in Indiana said they can go to hell with their Nazi fines. 😉

you know, tell the NJ DMV to show you proof of having sent you letters saying that you have to pay that extra fee/fine. they really shouldn’t have taken away your license without having let you know beforehand. you have a lot of dailies. I’m proud to know that my site’s one of them.

hey. I found you thru the nj bloggers webring. I was just reading about your dmv experience, and let me tell you. no matter what it is, new jersey rapes you for every dime you have. some girl from new york reversed into my car and now my already ridiculous insurance wants to go up. yay!

i’m all for moving to delaware.

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