up yours van halen!

three updates today folks… two more below this. 😀

ahh, I’m so glad I got myself a new palm. 🙂 i’ve been blogging into that (man if I would have thought of this earlier i’d be one rich mofo) these past couple of days and I just transferred that stuff into here today… 🙂 for those of ya interested in a palm. the one I got is really cool. it’s not as powerful as the m515, but unless you want to so some hardcore business stuff, it isn’t worth it. they are essentially the same machine with the exception that the m130 is like a few ounces heavier and only comes with 8mb of ram as opposed to the 16 that the m515 comes with. it’s also a couple of hundred bucks less… 😀 however, if ya get a m130 you get a free 16mb expansion card which is more than enough storage space for games and files. hell, I was playing defender on my palm last night!!! how kick ass is that?? if ya get one and you give them my e-mail address when you register, you get free software. 🙂 if ya wanna know more about that, feel free to mail me. 😀

holy shit! they’ve also got spy hunter and joust!! *serious homer drool*

i was driving into work this morning listening to stern and he had david lee roth on the station on the phone with sammy hagar talking about their upcoming concert performing van halen songs. you know, after listening to those two chattin’ it up, I NEED TO BE AT THIS CONCERT!!!!

dave is going to play all van halen songs with his band and sammy will play a few as well as some of his personal stuff as well (“i can’t driiiiive fifteeeeee fiiiiiiiive!”). the way they were going at each other (in a good way though), it couldn’t be anything less than the best rock concert of all time. the first concert will be in cleveland at the end of the month and howard had to select who would perform first. the way it works is that they trade off every concert. sammy performs the very first day first and then dave closes. the next concert dave opens and sammy closes, etc… can you just imagine the craziness that will ensue?? man I hope they survive doing a concert until they hit new york which should be sometime around july 4th because I definitely want to see this concert!

in other news this morning, it turns out my friend isn’t pregnant at all. she’s got some cysts and the doctor says it throws off pregnancy tests… plus the monthly visitor paid a visit this morning as well. needless to say she and the boyfriend are very much relieved and she thanked me for the chat we had yesterday. she told me it opened her eyes more than they were willing to be opened and she was glad I was in her life as a friend. honestly, I’m just glad she thought about it like a rational adult would because at that point any life choice you make is a true one and that’s all I wanted her to do. I didn’t ask what choice she eventually made though because whatever she chose I would have done my best as a friend support her decision and stick by her.

heee… boring day today…. got this from dara who in turn got it from janet.

Food: japanese and cuban
Drink: orange juice
Color: black
Shoes: doc martens
Candy: gummy lifesavers
Animal: cats
TV Show: star trek (any series)
Movie: braveheart
Dance: merengue
Vegetable: celery
Fruit: orange

Understanding: yes
Open-minded: more so than most of my friends
Arrogant: depending on the person 😉
Insecure: very
Interesting: i’d like to think so
Hungry: usually
Friendly: I try to be
Smart: that’s always up for debate 😉
Moody: nah… watse of time
Childish: I can be *pull my finger*
Independent: yup yup
Hard working: damn tootin’
Organized: horrifically, now that I got my new palm
Healthy: after losing some weight, yuppers
Emotionally Stable: hmmm, sure?
Shy: always
Difficult: barely, unless you’re on my bad side
Attractive: i’d like to hope so
Bored Easily: nah
Thirsty: hell’s yeah *runs to get some water*
Responsible: yup yup
Sad: nup…
Happy: sure, why not?
Trusting: almost always
Talkative: barely
Original: hmmm, nah.
Different: how so?
Unique: isn’t this the same as different?
Lonely: not anymore

Kill: whoever invented reality tv
Slap: any random person will do
Look Like: myself, just 50 pounds less
Be Like: as rich as bill gates, just not as boring
Talk To Offline: *points up to the list of dailies*

ok, ok, ok… I saw this and decided to be an active participant. 😀

    it’s two for tuesday time!

  • if you had to designate a “theme song” for yourself, what would it be? (and feel free to justify your decision.) hmmm, my own theme song… that’s pretty damn hard to answer. i’d have to say I relate the most to “my friend of misery” by metallica. it’s a gloomy song described as “an outsider’s view of someone reveling in self-pity and maintaining a pessimistic view of the entire world.” at one point in my life i was that person being looked upon and listening to that song reminds me of that time in my life. it’s also one of the few songs I can remember how to play fully nowadays by metallica. 😀
  • name your favourite “guilty pleasure” song – the one you love to listen and sing along to in private, but that you’d never admit to liking. oh that’s easy. “december 1963” by frankie valli and the four seasons. if it ever comes on the radio I blast it as loud as it gets and sing along. I must admit I prefer the disco-y version better than the original.

    oooh yeah, dave’s coolness factor went down ten-fold just now… :-/

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yo, I need to be at that concert as well. my monthly visitor gets messed up too because I’m an athlete, and also I have an overly sensitive and messed up left ovary. not cool at all. it’s good to hear that everything turned out alright for your friend.

p.s. your coolness factor has gone up, not down. you’ve proven yourself to be a good man – one that truly cares for his friends.

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