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oh christ… you can not imagine how pissed off I am at this moment. see, I have this friend who I chat with on-line and we have gotten to be good friends. we share stuff with each other and we help/listen to each other a great deal. she’s younger so she is always asking me for advice (hehe, go figure… :wink:) regarding love and life. she hasn’t the greatest luck with men, but I believe it’s the type of guy that she is attracted to. ya know, the fixer-upper type that some women so foolishly “fall in love” with. I never really understood that… why fall for someone that you have to “fix up?” would you go into a store to buy a broken tv?? hell no! so why do the same with your love life. what’s worse is the woman that falls for the “bad boy” type only to wonder why she’s being mistreated or played out. eh well… I’m veering off the main subject here.

she’s very attractive, yet has crappy ass luck with guys, she didn’t goto college and she’s stuck working in not so great jobs. anyway, she’s been dating this guy for a month (this is the longest relationship mind you) and it seems to finally be getting decent for her in that department.

ept tells her she’s pregnant…

obviously I start worrying about her because well, this is a major turning event in her life and personally I think she is way too young and completely not ready to have this happen to her. she’s pretty much scared shitless at this point and is worried as hell about everything naturally. then she admits she’s happy because she has her b/f in her life and is convinced this will bring them together and things will work out.

does anyone see big huge red warning lights here??

my first question that came out of my mouth was “what if he leaves you?” see, I am good friends with and hang out with several single moms who thought the father would stay with them only to have been lied to. granted I know it’s something she did not want to hear, she did need to hear it from a friend. naturally, she got upset and asked me why I would ask her something so messed up as that. I flat out told her because I care for her well-being and unless that mother-effer has a shiny platinum diamond ring on her hand, she can not positively count on him staying with her. I mean they have only been together for one god damned month! i’ve been in 4-5 year relationships and still didn’t know everything there was to know about my ex’s. plus they both don’t have the greatest of jobs… am I so wrong for caring about her well-being enough to make her think fully about this situation? I keep on asking her questions and she ignores me thinking I am pissed off at her and wishing her ill thoughts.

at that point all I told her was that I did not want them to break up or wanted him to leave her (as she thought I meant). as a matter of fact, I told her that I hope he stays with her and helps to take care of the child and that they get married and live happily ever after. however, in this sick twisted society, that is not a guarantee and she must be ready to fully take care of her baby in case he is not around. if she isn’t ready to support the baby financially and emotionally then she’s got some major problems. I let her know that I did care very deeply about her well-being and that whatever she chose, I would be behind her but that she needs some serious time to think. I mean this is a child for christ’s sake, don’t use it to keep someone in a relationship…

she’s going to see a doctor today after a long and restful nap to make sure she’s pregnant or not. I think she’s too blinded by her feelings to see the seriousness of this situation, I hope it’s an error on the pregnancy test’s part.

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all I know is that couples together and married for 10 years get pregnant and thinking a surprise kid will make them closer and it’ll be good for the relationship… well… my cousin… he’s now divorced. with a kid.

not the way to go into the 2nd month of a relationship….. pregnant. jeezuz. not for nothing… but even at 31.5 and with a kick ass job, I wouldn’t go thru with it… call me cold and heartless, but the word DOOMED is flashing before my eyes on that one.

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