funny how life works

this weekend I was looking through a honduran newspaper (my family is from that country so daddoo knows where to get the daily scoop on his homeland) and read something rather disturbing. as most everyone knows now, one of the singers of TLC died there (last week I believe) from a fatal car crash. as tragic as that event was, there was a story that lisa lopez’s assistant was driving that same car a week before and killed a young ten year-old boy. lisa was also in the car and apparently they (lisa and assistant) gave the family roughly 4 grand to cover the expenses for funeral and medical bills for the grieving family.

now a week later she gets into a fatal car accident with that same car? i’ve driven in the general area where she was killed and driving fast on those roads with seven people in your really small SUV (that only holds like 5 people rather comfortably) was just not the most intelligent thing to do in my opinion. either way how oddly freaky (or bitterly karmic depending on how you look at it) is this news? if only I saved that paper before devina and I went away, I could have scanned it in and posted it up here or something.

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a lot of those roads in those latin american countries are very dangerous to drive on. people should really be using more caution on those things. it’s a sad story, but I guess when God says it’s your time, there’s no arguing it.

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