friday five, the retro edition

since there is no friday five this week, julia and I have decided to do our favorite ones. I guess you can call it the friday 15. 🙂

    friday fifteen retro baby!

  • laying on your back and facing the ceiling, which side of the bed do you sleep on? almost always on the left side of the bed. makes cuddling easier for me when someone is in there with me. 🙂
  • do you have to have covers (blankets and/or sheets) at all costs, no matter the weather? yes. a nice warm comforter in the winter with the windows open or a light sheet with the a/c on during the summer.
  • sleep nekkid or no? why? depends on who’s in the bed with me… 😉 if no one, I am usually in a set of boxers.
  • what’s under your bed? absolutely nothing.
  • if you have pets, do you let them sleep with you? why or why not? actually, this is pretty funny. just about when I am ready to get to bed, tony will be waiting near me. once I get in and start rustling around getting comfortable, he will come to the side of the bed and wait until I am done. once I am all settled in, he hops up and nestles right near my chest (i sleep on my side) and starts to make himself all comfy. once he’s comfy he’ll nudge my hand to pet him as we both drift off to bed. however, sometime during the middle of the night I will either push him off or he just goes to sleep on the couch in his own spot. hehe…
  • what was your first job? working at a pathmark as a cashier…. I think I did that for roughly 2 years… man was it fun!!
  • how old were you when you had your first kiss? hmmm… 16 or 17, I don’t really remember the age but I remember it was in the basement level of my high school just as I was going to gym class with my girlfriend at the time. I just spun her around and gave her a nice long kiss… 🙂
  • what was your first car? a beat up rusted grey 1982 diesel datsun (they weren’t even nissan folks!) maxima 4 door mini-station wagon that I totally loved and drove everywhere with.
  • what was your first concert?everclear, marcy playground and fastball in new york city.
  • what’s the most romantic thing you’ve ever done for someone else? hmmmm… you know I have seem to forgotten this… 😆 a few years back I made my ex steph a nice valentine’s candle-lit dinner and if I remember correctly I think we were broken up at the time (she’ll fill in the details regarding that). if I remember correctly I made her some type of mushroom appetizer and a seared sashimi yellow-fin tuna with some type of rice, baby greens (entree) and some creme brulee (dessert)…
  • what are your erogenous zones? the neck
  • how old were you the first time you had sex? ummm… funny story about that one actually… my first was actually a gift from my best friend at the time (don’t ask). it all happened a few days before my 17th birthday… now that I look back on it I should have waited till I was with my first girlfriend… eh well.
  • what’s the most unusual place you’ve ever had sex? hehe… there’s a huge list. the craziest is probably the victoria’s secret dressing room in newport centre mall in jersey city… it should also be noted that the salesgirls were watching too… :grin:… ummm… oh yeah… i’d stay away form the gap dressing room too there (of course all this was when they allowed more than one person in a dressing room many many years ago).
  • do you have plans for valentine’s day or is it just another thursday? not that I know of… my birthday is two days away (16th) so I am usually surprised with something. I think devina’s taking me away somewhere but I have no clue…
  • what did you want to be when you grew up? I have a very clear memory of wanting to be a stock broker when I was in the sixth grade. we had a substitute teacher in (mr. whitehead was his name, a real dick) who freelanced as a trader so he was giving us lessons on how to do all of that fun stuff. I remember daydreaming about the millions all day. hehe…

nothing major planned today with the exception of a few things on this site.

i decided to get rid of the bulletin board because of a huge security hole I found that i’d rather not have exploited. 😀 I am also considering getting rid of the phuck you section since it’s only really taking up precious database space lately. lemme know if it’s something that is worth keeping and i’ll leave it be.

one of the cool things that I have found is this super little chat program that I am currently running now. 🙂 I should pretty much be there on a daily basis so feel free to hop on for a nice chat about whatever pops into you head. I also made the lovely julia one so feel free to chill there as well. I’m gonna run them for a few weeks to see if they do anything funky to my server. if not, then expect me to start hosting roughly 10 more chat rooms for those of you that may want one. other than that there’s nothing much doing for the rest of the day today.

thanks kindly to misha, suzanne, cassie, carina and bliss (:rowr:) for their kind guestbook entries. definitely send a bit of lascivious love their way. also make absolute sure you check out addie’s, julia’s, mar’s, armina’s and vic’s new super sweet layouts. if you haven’t noticed, I also added misha’s and erin’s blogs to my list of dailies. wooo!

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waahhh… dave how about make it friday 50? hehehe j/k. that was a nice idea, i’ve seen some also just made up a friday 5 by themselves.. 🙂

and yeah, thanks for the plug. 🙂

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