parallel universes and masturbation

yesterday I went down to see devina because she didn’t go to karate since her back was hurting from the last time she went. while she was making her very tasty potato-leek soup, I was flipping through the channels and stumbled upon a nova program about time travel. being the uber geek I am, I stopped here and mind gods like stephen hawking were chatting about their theories on this phenomenon. personally, I do believe one day we will be able to travel back in time, but I don’t believe it will be like the way we all picture it. I think we will be able to travel back in time only from the point when this time machine is created (which is one of the more popular theories of time travel). meaning, if I create a time machine next year on february 16th, 2003, I will *not* be able to go back in time before that magical day and invest heavily in micro$oft stock their opening day. why you may ask? well, the explanation gets really confusing and I am not able to fully comprehend it. (i’m not a quantum physicist ya know) however, if I am alive in let’s say february 16th, 2243 then I should be able to travel to 02.16.2003 but not before. get it? eh well, I tried.

anywho, when devina came up with the tasty soups, they were discussing the many worlds theory and it just about all sorts of confused the living daylights out of her. see, the cool part about being a star trek fan is that a lot of the futuristic techy stuff is based on current theories. one of them are the famous parallel universe episodes where normally good people are evil, history is different, etc… if you are a fan of the show sliders, the premise of the show is exactly what I am talking about. at it’s most basic level, the many worlds theory states that anything that can happen does occur with infinite outcomes. so if I am making a choice between drinking coffee or orange juice and I choose OJ, then it’s possible that in another “universe” I chose coffee and life kept on. in another “universe” I didn’t drink any, in another one I could have drank both, etc, etc, etc. if you look at it another way, there are an infinite amount of “you’s” in these “worlds” and all are running their own lives. weird eh??

as I was driving home I got to thinking… what can these other versions of me be doing at that instant. how have the choices I made in my life thus far affected the other dave’s elsewhere. I thought back to the time when I had to choose a college for myself. see, I applied to about 5 schools and got into everyone almost with full scholarships (it also helped being latino with quotas needing to be filled :tee hee:). if I remember correctly it was MassPharm, the pharmacy school of Long Island University, a pharmacy school in California, one in the midwest somewhere and of course, good ol’ Rutgers Pharm. I chose Rutgers College of Pharmacy because that’s the school my then-girlfriend barbara got accepted to and it was close to home, so my parents were happy. I actually wanted to go to MassPharm because I felt it was a better school. (it was number one at the time) my best friend at the time, tasha, went to a school very close to there and I had some very strong feelings for her (yeah, yeah, I know I was with barbara, big whoop) as well. so, I was thinking what if I went with my head (ummm, both of them :lol:) and went to MassPharm? I could have graduated there becoming a cool research scientist working at a major pharmaceutical company inventing drugs up the wazoo. looking back I would have definitely not been with barbara anymore and would have been with tasha. we may have gotten married and actually had kids at this point in our lives. who knows?

or I could have gone to california and really had some fun out there. then again I’m not a big west coast fan (sorry folks, you’re just too “soft” for my tastes) so I prolly would have dropped out and come back here to goto rutgers.

then again I would have an entirely different set of friends, which would mean I would be an entirely different type of person now. even though I do not hang out with a lot of my close friends like I used to, they did help make who I am today. many people say that they’re personalities are not defined by others and I truly believe that’s a load of hot stinky donkey poop with a mint sprig on top. true, a lot of what you are today is firmly based on genetics but the personality and to some extent, your behaviors, I believe are more deeply rooted in those around you as you live your life. if it wasn’t for my friends, I wouldn’t appreciate so many of the things I do now such as tasting different foods, music, art, culture, ways of thinking and even lifestyle choices. think about it, think of something you would have never thought of doing if it wasn’t for the person that introduced you to it.

you know, I just thought of something else too!

what if in another “universe” I am a woman?!?! I mean that Y could have easily been an X when I was conceived… hehe, knowing me, i’d be the biggest ho out there. :lmao: I may even be called devina since that is the female version of my name… hey!


that explains why devina and I are so alike!! i’ve managed to slip into this quantum universe and find myself! cripeys! so wait a minute… if this is true, when I am having sex with devina does that mean it’s masturbation?!?! 😆

i’m starting not to like this damn theory…

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my brother is probably a bigger star trek fan than you. he has all the books, goes to the conventions, and collects little pins that look like the communicator they all wear on their chests. I doubt you were a chick in a former lifetime because you know… you like sex way too much. and you seem like you’re all man to me. anyway, I guess you kinda are in touch with your feminine side. don’t know what to think of all of it now though :-p

You are too silly. I am a huge star trek fan. And I used to watch sliders as well and then it went off for a while and I lost touch with it. But anyway, the concept of time travel always fascinated me. I am always pissed about how Hollywood messes it up though. For example, and I AM rambling, the dumb notion of someone going back in time to prevent something from happening that solely happened because he/she went back in time int he first place makes no sense. If he/she caused the mess up in the past and the only reason they went back into the past was to prevent the mess up that they themselves caused, you have a never ending circle going backwards in time that makes no logical sense. Anyway, perhaps one of my other selves from another universe has popped into this one. I say this because my dad invited a woman into my parents’ house last year thinking I had surprised them and flown in from DC to see them. Mind you, that wasn’t me. But apparently the girl looks EXACTLY like me. enough to fool both my parents. How weird is that? Doppelgangers everywhere! Ok bye.

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