back from seattle!

in the past i’ve flown over numerous beautiful tropical islands and huge serene oceans. i’ve recently flown over the majestic rocky (and other northwest) mountains, the immense great lakes and the lovely san francisco bay at sunset. let me tell ya something folks, there is absolutely nothing more breathtaking than seeing lady liberty and the new york skyline when coming back home.

woo! it’s good to be back home. granted it was a work related trip, I have never been so relaxed in my life. I left saturday morning on a flight to san francisco first and then to seattle (and got searched both times! :grumble:) to meet up with devina who had already landed before me. it was your typical seattle weather, cold and rainy, but when we got to our hotel it became very sunny and we were presented with a lovely sunset. we actually did not stay in seattle, but a town just north of it called mukilteo. we stayed at the silver cloud inn located smack dab on the waterfront. if you loaded up the mukilteo website and saw the lighthouse, to the left you saw a dock which leads to our hotel showing you how close we were to the lake. I completely fell in love with the town and would actually not mind moving there later in my life. personally, I would love to retire there and be able to sit down on my back porch looking at wonderful sunsets chomping on some oysters that I picked out myself from the island across the way.


some day dave… some day…

that weekend we managed to go into the heart of seattle and chill around there. to be honest we weren’t too impressed about the town but we did have some good seafood there. we managed to go see the space needle (i really thought it was much bigger) and the experience music project but it was closed by the time we got there. we also walked around the pike place market and it reminded me of south street in philly a bit, though without the freaks and the screaming kids. while we were walking around we decided to go to etta’s seafood and dine one of seattle’s recommended restaurants. the oysters were terrific, but I wouldn’t recommend the tuna nor the caesar’s salad to anyone. if I had paid attention to my trusty palm’s vindigo gayot review I would have known to go for the salmon. that’s the last time I let my stomach pick out my food in a new place… 😆 after a so-so meal, we walked around a bit more and I took some pictures (yeah yeah, not too many but we were only out one day) and headed back to get some sleep.

our last day we were treated to dinner at chinooks at salmon bay and MAN was it soooooo good! if you ever make a trip out there, this is one place you must eat at. it’s located right on a huge boat dock and you get to see the actual boats that go out to get the fish there. there is also a touching memorial there to those who were lost out at sea. you’d be really surprised how many people lose their lives working as fishermen. inside the restaurant you see a ton of photographs of fishermen catching these immense fish (most bigger then they were), it was definitely a cool homage to the profession. either way, the food was incredible. they treat oysters there like wines and we got to sample each type. my personal fav were the penn’s cove variety which were enormous and really tasty. then we got to eat some really good clams and a big ass dungeness crab. I had the alder baked salmon and halibut combo and I can say now that I have never had salmon that tasty. again, if any of ya are fortunate enough to go eat there, do it… and you’re overdressed if you wear khakis… 😆

luckily before we headed out to eat we packed up so when we got back we just passed out in preparation for the flights the next day. oddly enough I didn’t get searched coming back but my guess is because I had shaved so I wasn’t looking like a dirtbag. this time we first went to denver and then from there to newark. now that was a choppy ass ride because of a storm system in the midwest so we had to fly out to canada and then back down to jersey. the funniest part of the flight was that the plane actually landed on one side for a second so we all freaked out a little at the landing but the pilot leveled off and we came down again with a nice thud. hehe…

all in all it was a very nice trip. I look forward to going out there again this summer since my work mate offered her place for devina and I to stay at.

i wound up taking today off cuz I am just feeling like crap from the plane ride. I don’t know, it must be something with the air in those planes because I always feel like shit the next day.

the one bad thing about the trip was finding out about layne staley’s meaningless death. to be dead 2 weeks before anyone knows you are dead… christ… what a waste of pure musical genius… that was one terrific band and incredible singer that I will sorely miss.

RIP layne…

you’re finally cured, it’s sad you had to learn this way.

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dave, I’m glad to see you back. you know, i’ve always felt the same way about seeing lady liberty just before landing back home in new york. NYC at night – beautiful lights, beautiful sights. NYC and Hong Kong the the two most beautiful cities to view from the air at night.

once my mom got searched and I started pointing and laughing at her, so the search man decided to exact revenge for my mom and searched me too. I was laughing all the way over to the airplane … my mom’s a suspicious traveler 🙂

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