friday five, the sitcom edition

    friday five baby!

  • what’s your favorite tv show and why? i’d have to say this season it’s a close tie between 24, enterprise and the osbournes. 24 because well, it just rocks. enterprise because it’s star trek (thus automatically becoming a favorite show) and the osbournes because well, it’s ozzy. anything ozzy is good… just wished they let the curses fly and stop that infernal *bleeping*… you wind up missing half the conversations that way.
  • who is your favorite television star? of all time, I would have to say patrick stewart.
  • what was your favorite tv show as a child? the looney tunes show… endless hours of entertainment. even to this day I will play entire episodes in my head to amuse myself when I am bored somewhere. if you ever see me with a big silly grin all to myself, chances are I’m playing one at that moment… “maybe he doesn’t want to shoot me now…” :lmao:
  • what show do you think should have been cancelled by now? any and all reality tv shows (real world, survivor, etc.). I don’t know what’s worst, the shows or the people that admit they enjoy them. no, I do not consider the osbournes a reality tv show. they’ve been doing that whole spiel since back in the 90’s on the howard stern radio show… actually, howard’s the one that gave ozzy the idea to create the show in the first place way before the reality tv craze came on the scene.
  • what new show do you hope escapes the axe this season? hmmm… not a fan of anything that came out this season with the exception of the ones noted above in the first question. obviously I do not see 24 going to another season since it’s one season devoted to one day.

holy shit! dean stockwell is going to be on this week’s enterprise!! for those of ya hiding in a bubble, enterprise is star trek’s newest series set waaaay before captain kirk’s (yes, william shatner has his own BLOG!) time so you get to see alot of the stuff you know about being invented like transporters and stuff. well, anyway, the captain of the ship in the series (ummm, the NX-01) is jonathan archer who is played by scott bakula. now turn back the tv clock say about 10-15 years ago to the series quantum leap and guess who the two stars of the show were?? yup, scott bakula and dean stockwell!!! hehe… this is gonna be so damn interesting! if bakula utters the word “oh boy” I think I might poop myself… :lmao:

yeah, yeah, yeah… I’m a geek… what else is new??

that was real odd… there were two posts missing… well, fixed that strange bug so ya get to see the last two day’s worth of stuff. not that it was anything amazing, but it’s up.

ahh, I’m all ready for the trip tomorrow. the five servers I set up to place into the lovely network over in seattle are all ready to ship out overnight to meet me in seattle for sunday’s install. hehe… I wonder if stuff will “plug-in” as smoothly as I am expecting it to. hmmm, well it is micro$oft so something’s gotta go wrong… 😆

now to go home, wash some clothes, pack up and get to rest. my flight’s real early tomorrow, my ass is sleeping on the plane.

i just couldn’t resist:

Take the What Sex Position Are You? test by Ley Ley

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FYI Julia, I am _an_ angry little asian girl. Howver, I am not _the_
angry little asian girl (a.k.a. Lela Lee). I read the cartoons on there
every once in a while.
Since I don’t have one myself I just linked one that I liked. 😛

You have a very cool site yourself. I’m checking it out now. 🙂

whoa angry little asian girl visited you. *gasp!* thats really an honor! 69 describes you perfectly. you know there is an I-CON convention happening not too far from where I live. it’s got your name written all over it…geeeeeeks! :-p you know I love you …

I got a ’69’ on that test too! Somehow it does
not surprise me that I got the same result as
you. 😛 Hope you have a great time in Seattle.
I expect to see your entry at when you get back. 😉

Your knowledge of Star Trek is just frightening! j/k… I can only hope to be as geeky as you are. 🙂

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