the magic of tarot cards

i hereby submit my formal complaint against mother nature for the hell she has been putting me through this week… F’ING 90+ degrees in god damn april??!! oh yeah, there’s no global warming… all hogwash I tell ya!

so last night I went to visit my friend denise to help her install her new stereo system, hang out for a bit and get my tarot cards read… hehe, yup you read that correctly, get my tarot cards read. I get a kick out of stuff like that though yesterday’s reading was quite odd. all’s I know is that I gotta do what I have been doing my whole life, follow my instincts and i’ll be A-OK. unfortunately the speakers never got set up because they were weird. they are a monstrous set of Dahlquist speakers (DQ20i to be exact) and no kidding, they were almost as tall as I am! I couldn’t figure out how to connect them because they have 2 connections on the back of each speaker. they had 4 wires coming out the back of them as opposed to the normal 2 I have seen all my life. from what I gathered they each powered the different speakers within the housing. I could only imagine what these bad boys must sound like… I’m telling ya denise, you can prolly put your very own dance club up there. 😆

it also turns out that my bro picked out 5 of the big game numbers so I think my parents are getting themselves 5 grand. I thought that was definitely very cool, though I think they have him picking out their numbers in all lotto games from now on. 😆

sooo busy… sooo tired… 2 more days is all I am thinking… 😆

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arent they a nice house warming gift??? ahhh the benefits of the music industry…. if I can only have them hooked up…umm maybe the cards will tell me LOL its all about the interpretations of the cards 😉

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