3 days left… :grin:

it’s only 3 more days until my flight to seattle but on the other hand, it’s 3 more days until the days return back to normal. for the past couple of weeks, i’ve been doing mad long shifts (roughly12-14 hours) at work and i’ve been soooo tired. granted I will definitely be working in seattle, it will not be nearly as hectic as it has been here lately.

either way, devina and I are planning our stay there to optimize the small amount of time we’ll be together to the fullest. we’ll have saturday night and sunday to ourselves. monday-tuesday i’ll be working at the lab so she’ll be off to fend for herself in the area until I get back in the evening. wednesday morning, our super sleepy asses are leaving for good ol’ jersey. get this though! I managed to get us the exact same flights coming back! hehe… can we say mile high club?? 😆

anyhoo, I downloaded the latest vindigo information on seattle to my palm and so far there’s a whole mess of places I want to go to. thank god for that little application. if you travel to major cities often, I totally suggest you get this awesome program. you tell it where you are geographically (street corner) and it gives you everything in your area of importance such as atms, restaurants, clubs, bars, museums, movie theatres and shopping areas. a must have for those of ya wanting to see the best places without acting like a tourist like me. 🙂 the coolest part about it is that it will draw you a map and plot the fastest distance to the desired location. it worked really well in philly and new york, so I figured it can’t fail me in seattle. 🙂

ugh… back to work… 🙁