friday five, the zagat edition

    friday five baby!

  • what is your favorite restaurant and why? my absolute favorite restaurants do not exist anymore. they were both situated in new brunswick, but they offered different types of food. the first one ada turned me onto and was called zia grill (the frog and the peach is right next to it and it’s another good one too, though al would beg to differ) and served mostly southwestern cuisine. they had the best damn oysters and bloody marys I have ever had in my life. unfortunately, the zia grill was closed down and replaced by yet another typically over-priced italian restaurant. :sigh: eventually, that monstrosity was removed and replaced by a southern-food based restaurant there that I am going to have to try out one of these days.

    the other restaurant that does not exist anymore was called the river club which had some really great food. the best part about the place was the people working there. al turned me onto it because he knew the hostess (carol *major drool*) and one of the waitresses (nicki *so huggable*) whom I immediately befriended. which reminds me, I haven’t seen nicki, carol, kevin (nicki’s fiance) and the bunch in AGES! I need to give them a call real soon to see how things are going with everyone. anyhoo, it quickly became our weekend hangout and we all got our friends into it. the bartender was this totally awesome guy called steve and they usually had cool jazz bands playing there. I still miss their lobster souffle and tuna capriccio and every once in a while both myself and al will bow our heads in silence in honor of those truly amazing appetizers. hey al… remember the kinky asian?? for those of ya wondering what that’s all about, steve the bartender created a very tasty beverage and al appropriately named it the kinky asian. ahhh, the good old days.

    if I have to pick an existing restaurant that I have been to that I truly enjoyed I would have to say it’s morimoto in philly.

  • what fast food restaurant are you partial to? wendy’s baby… them mandarin chicken salads are completely addictive. plus it was the staple food at the rutgers college campus when I was working at the computer labs. where else would 5 bucks completely stuff ya full of food. 🙂
  • what are your standards and rules for tipping? for a night out at a restaurant (reservation type), it’s usually 20-25%. for me it always depends on how good the wait staff is at keeping attentive to our needs and how friendly they are… my test of a good waiter or waitress is the water/wine test. if my wine or water glass is running low and it gets filled without me looking at them or mentioning it, then they’re ok in my book. also, I hate repeatedly being asked if my food is ok. once or twice, it’s expected… around the 20th time, I’m ready to stab you as painfully as I could with my butter knife. hands down the best service I have ever had in my life was at the capital grille on chestnut street in philly. I must admit though, (knocks on wood) that I have never had bad service at the restaurants I have fared.

    now for the friday’s, bennigan’s and olive garden types of restaurants (the non-reservation type), I tip the tax multiplied by 3 which in jersey comes to roughly 18%. you rarely get the same caliber of wait staff found in “reservations only” type of restaurants there, so I feel they do not deserve the same percentage in tips.

  • do you usually order an appetizer and/or dessert? almost always. however being lactose intolerant, it’s getting harder and harder ordering a dessert that will not get me sick.
  • what do you usually order to drink at a restaurant? again, depends on the restaurant. if it’s a nice place, a good wine suffices for me. if it’s a fast food type of place, usually a nice cold sam adams or sprite does the job nicely. 😀

i know, I know… long time no post…

since my trip to seattle is coming up, i’ve been putting in some real long hours here at work. I haven’t left before 10 this week and today it’s no different. *waaaaaaah* i’ll update this week’s occurrences this weekend, so until till then, y’all stay safe!

oh! there’s some new pictures in the gallery that I finally got working again, so expect a lot to be piling in now. also, I installed a bulletin board when I got bored last weekend. join if ya want, though I have no clue what I am going to use it for. I am thinking of adding people’s websites in it so that can have their own forum for their websites….

whatcha think? a forum about forums of other websites.

any takers?

eh well, soon enough i’ll figure out what I can do with it. that sounds like a corny idea to me… 😆

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Don’t forget, I introduced you to Wine! Hehe.. just busting your chops. I would have to say that Morimoto is my favorite restaurant now. My favorite before was Aquavit in NYC but it’s been a long time since I’ve been there. I’m sure it’s just as good. However, I was recently wowed with the omakase or chef’s tasting menu they had at Morimoto. It’s a definite must try!

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