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  • have you ever met any of your “on-line” friends in “real life?” was it a pleasurable experience? would you do it again? :tee hee: that was is mine. 😀

    actually, yes I have met dozens of my on-line friends in real life. however it all stemmed back to the rutgers days before instant messengers and chat programs. see, back then we (students) found out that you can actually “talk” in real-time with someone on the unix systems there. so, it wasn’t too uncommon to see a room full of people talking to someone else on a different campus (rutgers new brunswick is quite large). I met dozens of my long-time friends through that system at rutgers.

    since the instant messenger revolution, I have made it a point to meet up with local people whom I frequently chat with. at last count, I have met roughly 15 “on-liners” (my word for on-line friends) within the last two years. one of them turned out to be my current girlfriend devina and a lot of the others I hang out with on a regular basis. in all that time, there was only one bad experience meeting up with someone, so I have had a pretty good track record with regards to that. I have never met anyone outside of this area though. 🙁 however, one of these days my ass is driving down to north carolina to finally hang out with my friend lindsey. oh wait a minute! it’s her birthday today!!! happy birthday sweetie!!! hopefully I will be lucky enough to meet up with a lot more of my on-line friends this year.

  • do you think if you were to be in high school now, (if you’ve left, that is) that you’d be in the same group or clique as you were when you were there the first time?

    well, to be honest I was never really dead set into a “clique.” I usually hung out with the smarter group of people, but I also hung out with people who you would consider as jocks, band heads, weed heads, players, popular folk, etc. and there were never any big problems with that. I don’t know if it was just my way of socializing in school, but I never really saw a segregated structure of cliques like you hear about on tv. perhaps ada can put her two cents in on this, but I really didn’t see that distinctive separation that a lot of students talk about. maybe the people in my high school were above such petty things or perhaps I just didn’t acknowledge it and lived in my own world… 🙂

plug and plug, both julia and vic have very interesting posts up. 🙂 I also added a couple of more dailies up on my list o’ reads. mar and graham. both very cool weblogs indeed. 🙂

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Hey Dave. Thanks for mentioning my birthday!!! I certainly don’t feel any different. This has definitely been one of the most eventful I’ve ever had. I took the bf home to meet the rest of the family over the weekend and that went great. Sunday night we’re driving back (after a kick ass Easter/my birthday dinner) and suddenly I have to pull over to puke my brains out. WTF?!?!?! I was seriously embarassed and obviously felt like shit. Well to make a long story short, I put us about 30-45 minutes behind in arriving at his house for the night, we had to stop a total of 4 more times after that. I ended the puking rally in his back yard when we pulled up. He was very supportive, took over the driving, and rubbed my back each time we pulled over (on the interstate, no less…and it was raining). How nice to have a supportive boyfriend, I’m definitely keeping this one! After taking a phenergan pill I had a restless night because my stomach was still revolting against me, so here comes a pain pill…I slept blissfully for a few hours, then woke up to a very hungry stomach. 1 saltine later I decided I just couldn’t eat, so I went back to sleep. It is now Tuesday…I’m still limiting my food to bread and Gatorade, I’m scared to try anything else. I’ve lost 5 pounds in this process…I’m gonna be ok though.

I got diamond earrings for my birthday!! I’ve wanted those for ages, mom and dad finally gave in. I mean, the diamond IS my birthstone, I obviously deserve it right??? 🙂 I’m off to lay down and drink some more fluids…

I would have to say that you were “clueless” when it came to H.S. cliques and groups. There were definitely distinctions in our H.S. You were part of the nerdy honors group but also associated with people you knew from your elementary school. Perhaps because of this you didn’t see that many distinctions.

As for myself, I did see plenty of distinctions. There was the popular group comprised of the jocks, cheerleaders, etc. Then the artistic group who were band members, choir members, or people who participated in the school plays. The newly arrived immigrant groups who barely spoke any English and stuck to themselves. The druggy street thug group who failed their classes and caused trouble all the time. Lastly the honors nerdy group who went to Academic Decathlons and Science League competitions together.

I would have to say that I associated with the artistic and nerdy groups. Also being non-Latino made a difference and added even more to the sense that I didn’t belong to the popular and street thug groups.

Anyway that was my 2 cents. Everyone has their own experiences when it comes to H.S.

when I was in high school I used to hang around with the sportos, the motorheads, geeks, sluts, bloods, waistoids, dweebies, dickheads–they all adored me. they all used to think I was a righteous dude.

as for meeting online friends in person…well, a few years ago I used to be in this group called insane. we all communicated via instant messenger and irc. we through a party and met all at the same time. it was about twenty of us and it kicked butt. I hooked up with this woman from Vegas and we still chat and I visit her every year I go to Comdex. You have a few months to persuade your boss to send you to Comdex. You gotta go this year bro.

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