why not host yourself??

a little while ago mark had posted up an entry regarding people who always complain about their machines being too slow and what not. it’s a good read, definitely check it out… what he is talking about is actually one of my geeky pet peeves, but I have an even bigger one.

what even bugs me more is when people start complaining about their web servers all the time on-line. why? well, unless you have a major business for yourself there is never a need to go to “joe schmoe web hosting company” for your hosting needs. hmmm, let me clarify that. if you have your own broadband (cable, dsl or satellite) service, there is no need to purchase a hosting plan with another company. if you’re on dial-up, you’re pretty much shit out of luck so bug mommy and daddy for a broadband connection.

how so you may be asking yourself now.

with an old computer, (yes, even that old Pentium I sitting in your basement) you can do all of your own hosting. hell, my linux box is an old Pentium 90 that’s sitting in my old basement and I am even hosting a few friends for free in it as well. it is literally harder to change the oil in your car than it is to create your own web server and best of all, you can do it for FREE! yeap, you got it… free! 😉 all you have to take care of is paying your dsl bill and if anything buying an extra network card (20 bucks) or broadband router (80 bucks, or birthday/xmas gift) to take care of sharing an internet connection out.

let me tell you one thing. a good 3 times out of 5, your “professional” web hosting company is run by some 16-20 year old kid in their college dorm with a very fast internet connection. chances are they are using an old pentium machine they have lying around as their “ultra-fast” linux server. they’ll create some web space for you, they’ll “give” you all of the great extras (php, mysql, cgi, frontpage) when they really come pre-installed with the system. finally to add insult to injury, they’ll charge you 10-20 bucks a month when they pay absolutely nothing on their end. their bandwidth costs are paid by the university or out of your $$ and if they need more space to give you, they bug a friend for an extra hard drive in return for some free pizza or liquor. you wouldn’t believe how far a free beer will get you with a network administrator… 😉 most of the time, they really have no idea what they are doing and you run into the problems that most of “blog-land” runs into. piss poor hosting and endless droning forum rants. if some kid at home playing his PS2 and chugging a honey brown can do it, why can’t you?

i (along with most of my computer field friends) have been doing this for the past 3 years and let me tell you the headaches it solves. I don’t have to worry about my provider messing anything up, I have all of my backups in my possession, I get to see everything in real time and the best part… it’s all under my control! personally, I hate placing control of my own stuff in someone else’s hands, especially if it is computer data related. i’d much rather take the time out to learn the stuff on my own so that way I am the only one held accountable for my actions. mel brooks was right, it’s good to be the king.

i am thinking about creating a big ass multi-part tutorial on creating your own web server for blogging purposes. what do you think? is it a good idear? would people actually be interested in something like this? I could do it step by step from day one all the way to the end product which is your very own domain and web server being shown to the world in all it’s geeky glory. I figure it would keep me busy here at work when the day stagnates.

perhaps I will even start the first part today… 🙂

— later in the day

wow… a higher power dishing out justice or just a horribly frightening coincidence?? afghanistan’s just been devastated by powerful earthquakes with human losses in the thousands. such a tragedy… 🙁

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if I knew only linux and host myself, I’ll defenitely do it… I’ll even make a free hosting :LOL: 🙂

omg.. I wanted to host myself too, but paying that 50 dollars per month + installation fees and hardware turned away my parents.

but if I wanted to download something, would it slow down the sites that are hosted?

get that tutorial up for us newbies 🙂

damn you better teach me how to do that crap. plus, I could take knowing how to do that and even make some dollars at college. whoooooo hooooooo!!

DSL providers over here never assign static ip’s. They want an arm and a leg and a foot for a static. I can’t wait to see your story on setting up a linux web server. Great Idear.

dude – i’d totally do it if you can write it up… personally, the only reason i’ve not set up my blog and whatnot on my home machine is because i’ve got a slew of other processes running all day long, and i’d rather not add another one at this point – but the moment I put another box together, that’s the end of that! write it!

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