not a manic monday… woah.. woah.. ;)

hmmm… women puzzle me sometimes… well, not all women, just some of my friends.

devina’s wearing a really hot looking pair of steve madden red thigh-high snakeskin boots today with her outfit. while I was chatting with her, she was constantly calling steve madden a sadistic woman hater because the shoes are very uncomfortable and painful to wear. now a great deal of my other female friends also complain about their shoes being quite uncomfortable too. now, being the guy that I am, I ask the obvious question (as most other men in my place would most surely would) and that is “why buy the shoes in the first place?”

a guaranteed nine times out of ten I hear the same exact thing…

“…because they look so cute on me!”

hmmmm… *that* makes sense, doesn’t it??

i’ll sacrifice my comfort and the health of my body to wear a really cute pairs of shoes all day long. I have never known any of my male (both gay and straight) friends to ever complain about their choice of footwear because we wouldn’t wear an uncomfortable pair to begin with. I don’t care who makes it… gucci, to boot, boss, kenneth cole, nike, adidas, payless or kmart. if a guy doesn’t like how it feels, he will not buy it no matter how good it looks. we’ll just choose a better fitting and more comfortable pair from another maker. then again shoemakers know men won’t buy uncomfortable shoes, so, I haven’t run into an uncomfortable shoe in ages. manufacturers like steve madden know that there are some women out there who will buy a shoe no matter how uncomfortable it is (if it looks right), thus he continues to do so.

eh well, c’est la vie I suppose. it’s not that I am complaining… I just wonder sometimes about the intricacies of the opposite sex I observe.

yesterday was the oscars and as usual I didn’t watch it. I don’t know why, but I hate them. actually, I hate most awards shows because of the pretentiousness of them all. they’re all just popularity shows where oodles of viewers tune to see what this person is wearing or who this other person is with and which well-deserving actor gets shanked. I am very glad to hear that mr. poitier got the recognition he deserves. I’m so happy moulin-rouge did not win anything important since to me that film isn’t worth the media it’s on. I am even happier that mr. crowe didn’t come home with anything as well. that idiot needs a reality check after that gladiator fiasco (cheap rip-off of braveheart, :grumble:). I heard that denzel got an oscar finally, but I found his performance in training day to be mediocre at best. I would have given it to him for a few roles he has played in the past however, to be honest, not this one. halley barry for best actress?! well, I have to admit I didn’t see her movie, so I can’t say anything about it though devina said her acceptance speech was an embarrassment to watch. :shrugs: I guess I had to be there.

this weekend was very nice actually… didn’t really do much but sleep in and go out to eat to a few places. we also watched Blade II on saturday. I was very disappointed for a lot of reasons but all in all it was just ok. there was absolutely no story this time and it seemed like they put all of the money into special effects. granted alot of the effects were cool as hell, I didn’t like the wwf-like fights and showboating I saw. if you want to watch it, go to the matinee or wait until it comes out on dvd. it’s definitely not worth the 9 bucks to see it. though they did leave a HUGE hole in the story for Blade III so hopefully that one can do the movie series some justice. kinda like the aliens series of movies. alien was awesome though I found the sequel, aliens, to be the best out of all of them. aliens 3 just sucked about as bad as any movie could though aliens 4 completely made up for it. it’s the same as the highlander series of movies. 1 rocked, 2 sucked and made no sense whatsoever and the rest were good…

before I head out I can’t forget the participation positives

  • the boss is out until next week! :yay:
  • my dad is letting me use his car so that I don’t haveta pay for a rental
  • by the end of the week I should find out the settlement amount for my car
  • my sis got back from jamaica all safe and sound
  • starting car shopping… *wooo*
  • it’s a pay week! 🙂

:drool: mark and vic have a NAICE new layouts up! definitely check em out… 🙂

hmmm… my net connection seems to be reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeal sloooooooooooooooooooow. I wonder if it was the tinkering I did with the firewall?? or dns?? eeek! thank god I am the only one who uses the net around here or i’d be dead. :ack:

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i never watch those award shows either – I hate how they’re always so predictable. hell, I never even watch tv at all! the only time I ever do watch tv is when I know my girl alicia keys is gonna be on…my sister lets me know ahead of time 🙂

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