friday five, the seasons edition

    friday five baby!

  • what is your favorite time of year? easy, winter. too bad this winter bit huge moose balls. not as many cold days as I would liked. though I must admit I appreciate mother nature’s attempt today at bringing back the winter. 😀
  • what is it about your favorite season that, well, makes it your favorite season? I hate, hate, hate warm weather. it depresses me. I love the snow, the ice, the fact that there is nothing better than washing your comforter in downy, drying it till it gets nice and toasty and jumping right into bed with the windows cracked open letting in the chilly air… :sigh: well, someone else could be in my bed too… 😆
  • what is your least favorite time of year? why? summer, too damn hot and humid. I always haveta find a nice aid conditioned area.
  • do you do anything to celebrate or recognize the changing of seasons? go out more often, take long drives, play in snow, etc.
  • what’s your favorite thing to do outside? either drive around or play in the snow.

jesus h christ!

so I am in the middle of applying for a new bank so that I can get a good deal on a car from them (more on that later) and the lady taking care of my application says that based on the social security number I gave her, I am not me. WTF?!?! so I call up the social security office and tell them my problem. after some information exchange, I find out that I am who I really am. :whew: I call back the bank I am applying to and notify her of this and she tells me she can not do anything because the system they use to verify information states that my social security number is invalid.

can you feel that red tape just strapping itself around me now??

so now I call up the people in charge of verifying who I am and it turns out that unless I have one of their reports in front of me, they will not help me! they direct me on-line to fill out a form and now I have to wait 5 business days to receive that in the mail. ugh… you know, now I understand why white people start shooting up places… *shakes head in frustration* thank god I am listening to miles david now… very soothing and relaxing. 😀

now, as for my poor shenequa, she was officially considered totaled this morning. I already stripped the plates off of it and all of my belongings have been removed. now she gets to go to the great beyond after a rather short life of faithful service.

…services will be held tomorrow. 😉

it also turns out the idiot cop that took my police report never bothered to look for the information regarding the other driver. so the schmuck that hit me most likely does not know that he is in trouble. even worse, he’s had enough time to do whatever he needs to do to avoid getting in trouble for his actions. leave it to the jersey city police department to complicate matters… hmmph. eh well, my insurance agent is looking for the guy now because she’s got the license plate number and can run a search for it. :yay: hopefully i’ll get good news on that by the end of next week.

so now it looks like dave is on the market for a new car now. i’d love to stick with toyota, but I am eyeing a very good lease deal on a new maxima or a passat… dunno. will have to wait and see how the financial situation is like after all of this is settled.

devina is treating me to a weekend away so that I get a chance to unwind from all of this crap and chill with her… I shall bid you all adieu till sunday night. have a great weekend!

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Another Passat vote – I’ve had my Gretchen for almost a year now and I LOVE her! She’s a 2001 (and a half – really) Blue Anthracite model and the best car I’ve ever had. Not to mention, VW totally kicks ass with how they take care of her – the dealerships in both Phoenix and Maryland have both been equally great.

go with the passat…you can’t go wrong with volkswagens. they have a 10 year warranty. 🙂 have a nice weekend with devina!

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