gotta love them ‘rollas

well, today turned out to be a slightly better day than how I felt yesterday. I wound up placing my car in my driveway until I find a decent body shop around me up here to move it to. some of my “bloodlusty” friends wanted to see pics of the car, so here is the damage to the back, front and driver side doors for those interested.

you know, for the multiple hits the car took at that rate of speed, the overall damage was not as bad as I thought it would be looking at it during the day… i’ve seen friends’ hondas completely obliterated in much lesser accidents! man I love toyotas!!! 🙂 I called up my insurance company and it seems everything is going to get taken care of quite nicely once that police report comes in. thinking about everything now, they will most likely just consider the car totaled because it will definitely cost more to repair it than it is worth. the blue book value for a 94 corolla with the amount of miles I have on it is about 4-5 grand if it is in decent condition. i’ll definitely need a new front end, a new radiator, there has to be some engine damage, the backend has to get worked on since it’s a one piece and the driver side doors definitely are getting replaced. I really doubt the cost to fix it is going to be less than what the car is worth now… i’ll be really sad if it is totaled because that little putt-putt has taken me everywhere. 🙁 my poor little shenequa will be laid to rest (yes I name my cars… what of it??) eh well, I can use the $$$ they give me for a down payment on another car I suppose. we’ll see when the time comes.

i’m renting a dodge stratus tomorrow so that should be ok. I have driven a dodge intrepid before and I really liked the power that car had. I wonder if the stratus is any similar? eh well. it’s just to get to and from work so it’s no biggie if it drives like shit. I was never into american cars anyway so, if it handles well, I will be pleasantly surprised.

unfortunately because I wasn’t mangled, horribly disfigured or had bones broken, a lawyer can’t do anything for me. I talked to one today and he pretty much told me since jersey is a “no fault” state, my insurance company automatically takes care of damages to the car and any non-horrendous medical care regardless of who’s fault it is. tomorrow, I call the police station and find out about my accident report and hopefully if they caught the bastard that wrecked my car. since everything is taken care of insurance wise I could care less about the money, I just want that prick arrested….

jess made a very good point in my comments area… yes, walking away from that accident with some bumps and bruises is definitely one great positive for the week! 🙂 also I wanted to thank everyone who called, e-mailed or commented me with your very kind and thoughtful words. it really meant alot to me. :big grin:

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gawsh… who did that to you? lemme spank them.. :LOL:

so sad to see your car like that… 🙁

Wow, those pictures don’t look bad at all. It could have been a lot worse. I heard that Dodges suck and I would have to agree with you about American cars, they don’t have a very good reputation. I rather have myself a Japanese or German car. Interesting name for your car though.. Shenequa?!?!?!?

Anyway I hope you are starting to feel better. Spring break is this week for Rutgers. Woo hoo!! Saw “Resident Evil” yesterday and it was alright although I thought it was scary. There could have been more substance in the plot. Can you believe they are going to be making another Friday the 13th Jason movie?? This time he is going to be on a spaceship, futuristic style. I would have to say the previews this time were just terrible. Not one of the movies interested me whatsoever.

DAVERS!!! I swear, I go on Spring Break and you decide to be a daredevil. :shaking head sadly: I’m SOOO glad you’re ok!!!!!!! You are very lucky to have minor injuries, though I’m sure you are quite sore at the moment. I think everyone is getting into accidents lately, I had one happen right in front of me on Friday night. Some guy got t-boned at an intersection in town, talk about scaring the hell out of someone. I called 911 and then tried to calm myself. Funny how I got all sick feeling and it wasn’t even me in the accident. Anyways, I hope you make a speedy recovery and that they catch the bastard who did this to you. I’ll come up there to personally kick his ass if ya want me to hon. Take care and let me know if there’s anything I can do for ya…

acutally, dodges are the best of the american cars. fords and anything GM is terrible, to tell you the truth. toyotas have pretty good mpg and also accelerate very nicely. me gots a rav4…its fun to drive. but dodges are very safe and handle decently. my parents once bought a fleet of ford vans and trucks for their company and every last one of them had problems. once they sold the fords and bought an entirely new fleet of dodge vans and trucks, never had they once had a problem with the vehicles.

Yeah, Toyotas do rock! I sold my Celica a few years ago and replaced it with a prelude. T/C’d on the freeway and the car was a gonner. If you get another car look for an 88 Yugo with some decent rims.

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