It’s soooooo not my weekend

Well, this has to be just about the worst weekend I have had in a very long time. Sorry Jess, there’s not going to be a positives at all for me this week. 🙁

I was driving home last night from hanging out at Devina’s probably about 15 minutes away from my house when I got into a hit and run accident. I came out with a burned arm, the car is very damaged (but not totaled I think) and the other driver sped off after he hit me. My fucking luck eh?

I was driving on Tonelle Avenue (Route 1 and 9 north bound) around Jersey City when I was passing the guy in front of me on the right lane. When I looked back, I saw no other cars and as I just about cleared the guy I was passing, I immediately saw a set of headlights zooming way too fast behind me and all I could do was simply brace for the impact once I realized what was about to happen. I was following the flow of traffic (about 50mph), so this bastard must have been doing a good 80+ and either he just plain didn’t see me because he was not paying attention to anything or meant to ram me on purpose which isn’t uncalled for in that part of town. Though I have a strong feeling by the look on his face he was either trashed out of his mind or high on something.

It all happened in slow motion in front of me, but it must have been a sight to look at from the bystanders’ point of view. Just as I knew he was going to hit me, I grabbed the steering wheel in preparation of knowing I was going to lose control… He hit me, pushed me forward and then out of the way which made me do at least a 720 (two full spins). I managed to get out of the spin only to realize I was going to hit the median at which point the airbag deployed on impact. It actually felt like “the martix” at this point because I got out of the way of the airbag hitting me since I sit a good safe distance from the steering wheel. Well, I bounced off the median only to have him hit me again on the driver’s side and push me a good halfway down the road to a stop. The inside was a smoky mess, so I opened the windows and I looked at a cut I had on my arm. I shook it around a bit to make sure it was not broken, at which point I got out of the car to survey the damage. The front was gone, the rear where he hit me was obliterated and there was a big ass dent on the drive side door. All I could hear in the background was “damn, how the hell are you walking??” from like the 10-20 people that saw this all happen in front of them. I then looked at the asshole that slammed into me and he knew he did something real bad. I told him to get out of the car so that number one, I could thoroughly kick his ass and number two, wait for the cops to get there. He looked at me, mouthed “is your arm ok?” and when I said get out again, he screeched and took off faster than anything I have ever seen. I never knew Acura Legends could go so fast…

Luckily a few cars followed him to get more info, but I already had his license plate in my head which I wrote down promptly. My car was in the middle of the two lanes, so I got back in and managed to drive it into a safer area to wait for the cops. I called 911 and they came by about a half hour later. I gave them the info and just as I was describing what happened, wouldn’t ya know it another accident occurred no more than 50 feet in front of me. However, this one looked real serious. I didn’t have time to get my papers back or get the officer’s names since they left to look at the other accident. 🙁

Another squad car came up, the officer saw my arm and got an ambulance there to take me away to lovely Christ Hospital to get it looked at. This officer gave me a form to pick up my police report with, got my car towed since it’s essentially undrivable the way it is now and I was off to the place where I was born at. At the hospital, it was your usual Saturday night filled with a lot of drunks, drug overdoses, a few heart attacks and some wannabe thug professing his love for his woman at the top of his lungs which had me cracking up. I had to wait entirely too long for everything, (about 6 hours), but what do you expect at an urban hospital? The doc checked me out and said my burn on my left arm was from the airbag being deployed and that everything should be ok after a week or so. The neck and back pains he said should subside after a small while, but if they continue after a couple of days, I need to hit the doc again. I called a cab and got back to my place at roughly 8am or so. Fell asleep and woke up with my parents questioning what happened and all of that lovely jazz.

So tomorrow I am not going into work. I’m calling the police first to find out at least if the guy was caught or if I can have his license plate number which I completely forgot now. Since the office took my papers with the info on it, I don’t have his damn number on me which really bites ass. Then if I do get his info, I’m going to go to where this bastard lives and take pictures of the car he hit me with. If this idiot’s smart he’s getting that thing fixed ASAP so that there’s no evidence of him ever hitting me. I need to nip that in the bud. Then I gotta call up my insurance agent and then get a rental. Finally, I’ll have to contact a lawyer because he is going to pay very dearly for that chicken shit move he pulled. I wouldn’t be nearly as pissed if he had stayed and dealt with the police to be honest. For christ’s sakes, be a man and own up to your mistakes…

All in all I consider myself a very lucky guy, not too many people can walk away from a 65+ mph car crash with just bumps and bruises. Luckily, as soon as I realized what was going to happen, I was better prepared to deal with the subsequent events. If I didn’t react to everything so quickly, chances are I’d either be in an uncomfortable hospital bed with lots of broken appendages or dead and blogging somewhere else.

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Yikes!! Sorry to hear about that. I hope you are feeling better today. Tonnele Ave. is a dangerous place especially around the Holland Tunnel/Pulawski Skyway area… just curvy narrow roads. Then people just get the idea that they can do all sorts of speeds there. I hope they catch the damn bastard and make him pay for it. It’s stories like this that make me hesitant to get a car. 8(

Well I had a rough weekend too. Let me tell you, don’t go to Wegman’s in the Lawrenceville area. It’s a chic chic food store and you can get a ton of gourmet ingredients but the people who go there are just arrogant as all hell. I got hit with a shopping cart twice! One guy even scraped by me in the frozen food section and I had really nowhere to go cause it was the frozen food median, me, and the shopping cart on the other side. The guy even had the audacity to say “I hope I didn’t get in your way.” WTF??? Anyway you aren’t the only one who had a bad weekend..

At least my b/f made me and his parents a gourmet magazine meal later on that day (pancetta studded beef tenderloin, snow peas in a lemon tarragon butter dressing, and mash potatoes with andouille sausage and herbs) so I guess that made up for it. You should get your mom to make you some real Spanish food just for your troubles. 8)

OMG Dave, I’m so sorry! I’m just glad you’re okay, I’ve been in car accidents before, and they’re no fun, but you could have been seriously hurt. Thank God you weren’t!

Get the bastard that hit you, and make him PAY!

Oh Dave, this is all really terrible to hear! I’m just glad that you came out of it alright. My cousin lives on Tonnele Ave. He’s one of the bad types of drivers like the guy that hit you, but luckily for the rest of humanity, he had his licence revoked for a few years. Once my ex got into a hit and run. He got the license plate #, but it took about six months until the insurance people found the woman who hit him.

I am glad you are okay. I have been through the same thing twice before. I will tell you my story soon. Take care.

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