friday five, the beastly edition

    friday five baby!

  • What’s your favorite animal? by far, cats. the intelligent person’s pet… 😉
  • What pets have you had in your lifetime? 2 cats, I was told I had a dog when I was a baby, and a pet snake my mom so rudely killed when I was not around… :sniff: :sniff:
  • Is there any specific pet that you’ve wanted but never had? Why? i’ve always wanted my very own tiger or a hawk. they’re excellent hunters and they just look really cool doing their thing…
  • Are you allergic to any animals? oddly, enough I am very allergic to my friend shelly’s cats. otherwise I am not really allergic to anything at all.
  • Do you have any ‘pet’ pet peeves (your pets or others’)? not really, though I was never any fond of dogs… too dirty and stupid for my tastes. I am also not a fan of people that can not control their pets around other animals/people. though i’d imagine if I had the chance to walk a tiger, no one would ever wanna mess with me.

alright, before I get you dog lovers on my ass I think I should elaborate.

personally, I hate dogs.

really I do.

i’ve been attacked by a few in my life and the only reason is because I was in the wrong place at the wrong time. I hate the slobber, I hate the endless crotch sniffing, and most importantly, I hate that damned dog smell. there’s a certain type of person that prefers a dog and I am simply not one of them. granted I know dogs are extremely loyal, protective and fun pets, they are just not for me. sure they can learn amazing tricks, but I can also probably teach a monkey to give you a wedgie and flip ya off.. big deal. I prefer the humble and immaculate cat. cats don’t crave attention like dogs do. cats are a hell of a lot cleaner than any dog could ever be. cats can be just as playful, if not more, than your average dog can. they let you know when they want something and most importantly, I don’t have to wake up at god’s hour of the morning to walk my cat. he’s sleeping near me prolly dreaming about hunting a mouse. they have an enigmatic persona about them that just attracts me to them as a choice for a pet. sure they can be a little mean sometimes and wreak some havoc around the house, but I attribute that to owners that do not know how to take care of a cat. respect it’s way of life and he won’t go hog wild on your new couch. 🙂

hehe, just found this… cute… 🙂

    10 good reasons to envy cats

  1. they don’t like anything unless it’s expensive.
  2. even the fat ones are graceful.
  3. they take lots of naps, interrupted by long periods of sleep.
  4. they have interesting sex lives.
  5. they only have to clean one garment, and it always comes out gorgeous.
  6. they know how to appear innocent, no matter what.
  7. they could teach classes on winning through intimidation.
  8. they can trace their ancestry back to egyptian royalty.
  9. they don’t envy anyone anything at all.
  10. they don’t care less.

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since you like cats so much you can go and take my best friend’s cat. its the ugliest thing i’ve ever seen. yes, an ugly cat. you cant even pet it either because it tries to bite and scratch. what a pussy.

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