seattle bound baby!

hmmm, this is odd.

i just got back from fixing a bustimicated pc here at work and this one woman I work with pulls me to the side to ask me how to hack a website.

curious… (said in a spock tone for best effect)

so I ask a few probing questions and it turns out her husband created a website and there’s a section that is password protected, so she was curious and wanted to see what he was hiding. for a few seconds I thought about the ethics involved with what she wanted and quickly dismissed them. if she thinks he’s up to something that’s not exactly kosher, then who am I to debate the morality of this inquiry right? if she finds something, (which I really doubt) then she can deal with it. if she doesn’t find anything, then she feels like shit and it’s no skin off my back. one thing I have learned about myself is that when dealing with moral or ethical issues, if need be, I can be as soul-less as your average lawyer. 🙂

it turns out this web site is all asp based and the server is actually in their house. however, if he’s a half decent web developer, she’s not finding out the password by simply looking at his code. you could however, piece together the password protected site files to figure out what exactly it’s all about via the code. my guess is that the site simply contains confidential client data since he is a consultant.

i guess I will find out more tomorrow… imagine if he’s playing around eh??

so today I find out that I am heading to seattle (well, a suburb near seattle) on company business. we have a lab there that creates the lenses we need for our frames and most of the computers there do not work too well. it seems they have had enough with the downtime so from april 19th till the 24th (or longer if it need be) my ass is out there getting everything working as well as it is working here. 🙂 my tix are bought, car rented and room reserved overlooking some bay or lake of some sort. wooo! too bad I know my ass is gonna be working lots of hours because I would love to go sightseeing there. anyone know of some good sights around there I could hit at night? perhaps a nice bar or restaurant? hmmm, does anyone out there read this?? might be cool to hang out with some kind-hearted folk. 🙂

— later in the day
shit! shit! shit! shit! shit!

coming home I realized something very important. april 20th is devina’s birthday!! dammit! arrgh! eh well, looks like I gotta get her a tix and fly her out there for the weekend to do some birthday celebrating seattle style… thank god for hotwire, it’s only 180 bucks to get her out there… 😀

now I gotta figure out what to do once we get there that weekend. :sigh:

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Why don’t we all take bets on what is on that guy’s password protected pages. I bet it is ~porn~ but who knows. If you find anything relating to Al Queda then call the proper authorities.

I just know you are going to have your picture taken in front of Microsoft since Redmond is not very far away.

Oh, and I bet those PC’s at the other office are really screwed up. Trident video cards and 540 MB hard drives.

when you figure out what’s in that password protected section of the site, let us know what’s in there. I’m dying to know…

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